Bentley Announces New Supersport Skis

News & Trends: If you are looking for the best way to hit the slopes in style, we have found it. Car manufacturer Bentley has announced the launch of Bentley Supersport skis, boasting one-of-a-kind technology and design. Limited to only 250 pairs, the new skis are handmade in Switzerland and were made in collaboration with the Styling Studio in Crewe, the home of Bentley Motors.

What sets these particular skis apart? Besides the Bentley name, they have very unique construction. Zaiìra® is a novel composite material containing carbon fibres specially developed by zai in co-operation with a partner. Zaiìra® is used on the skis’ top layer in combination with natural rubber in the central part as well as carbon fabric in composition with chrome steel in the torsion part. Long carbon fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites (LFRTP) are also being used in the new zai for Bentley Supersport skis.

Additionally, the matching ski poles utilize ExoGrid, a unique combination of titan and carbon fabric, reducing weight and guarranting high stability. A matching ski bag has also been custom designed by zai to make a complete set.

Swiss company zai has been manufacturing high-end ski products since 2004. The company is known for it attention to detail and employing superior craftsmanship. Known as an innovator in their field, zai is the only manufacturer to have introduced skis boasting a stone core, followed by the introduction of skis featuring a natural rubber top layer.

Not only do these new skis look very slick, the construction and design are excellent, ensuring durability and smooth perfomance. Bentley Motors claims that what sets their vehicles apart is a combination of handcrafted luxury, distinctive design, breathtaking power and performance with a refined and exhilarating driving experience. It certainly sounds like they have translated that vision directly into the new zai for Bentley Supersport skis.

These limited quantity skis will be available in early 2010, and will retail for $9,800. With only 250 available, we recommend placing your order asap. Zai for Bentley will begin taking orders in January.

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