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Feb. 2nd, 2010

Kate Moss For Longchamp Handbag Collection

News & Trends: Having served as the face of Longchamp since 2006, itís safe to say that model Kate Moss is a firm believer in the luxury Parisian brand. Recently, Moss has taken her involvement to the next level, as she steps off the runaway and slips into the role of designer.

The model is currently working with the brandís artistic designer, Sophia Delafontaine, on designing a signature line of handbags for the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Two collections will be released each year under the label Kate Moss for Longchamp, with the first expected to hit the shelves of boutiques and select department stores on February 11.

In a recent interview with French Vogue, Moss said that while her collection will follow the brandís classic design aesthetic, she plans to inject her own personal style by adding key pieces, such as a leopard print clutch. The collection consists of 12 different styles, each named after her favorite London locales, including SoHo, Ladbroke, Glastonbury, Goldbourne and Gloucester.

Earlier this week, Moss and 700 guests, celebrated the launch of her signature collection at an exclusive Parisian party held at The Ritz Club. Against a backdrop of zebra stripes, the ďRock Ďní GlamĒ party was a huge success and attracted a star-studded crowd, mixed with models, actors, and heavy hitters within the fashion industry.

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