Experience the Grand Dame of Copenhagen, The Hotel d'Angleterre

Oct 3, 2017  |   Contributor: Glenn Harris

Copenhagen is arguably one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The multicolored merchant houses along the Nyhavn port area have been an unforgettable image of the city since they were built in the 12th century.

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The Return of Victoria's Queen—The Fairmont Empress Receives a Royal Reception

Aug 29, 2017  |   Contributor: Cynthia Dial

Despite being the capital city’s hub of activity with seaplanes, water taxis and assorted boats negotiating its waterway, initial approach into Victoria’s Inner Harbour aboard the V2V reveals a setting that is regally serene.

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Opulence in Outhouses: London's Million-Dollar Mews

May 10, 2017  |   Contributor: Caitlyn Stevens

For many, the stereotypical image of a million-dollar abode is still a large, detached mansion adorned with a pool and an assortment of the latest sports cars.

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The Extraordinary Arts and Culture Scene of Palm Springs

Mar 6, 2017  |   Contributor: Parm Parmar

Just east of Los Angeles, Palm Springs has long been known as the playground of the elite.

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Tate Modern's Expansion to Open June 17

May 17, 2016  |   Contributor: Jackie Bryant

The long-awaited expansion of London’s Tate Modern museum will finally open on June 17, 2016, the museum just announced. The building is designed by Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, of the original Tate Modern, Barcelona Forum Building and Beijing National Stadium fame.

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Zaha Hadid Leaves a Lasting Legacy for the Future

Mar 31, 2016  |   Contributor: Todd Jatras

Dame Zaha Hadid’s untimely death has set off a wave of sadness and shock throughout the architecture and design world.

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Zaha Hadid Nails It With First NYC Apartment Building

Mar 28, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

Zaha Hadid’s architectural portfolio is vast and incredibly varied, from designing opera houses to museums to bridges. Her work is at once organic and futuristic, always boasting graceful curves and continuous lines. With 520 West 28th though, she has really outdone herself.

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Casa Lago Brings Italy to Bel Air

Mar 15, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

Eight-bedroom Casa Lago is the newest Los Angeles property to catch our eye. Overlooking the Bel Air Stone Canyon Reservoir (film buffs may recognize it from 1974’s Chinatown), the $34.9 million residence comes in at 23,000 square feet, and features several terraces and loggias. 

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Proposed Restaurant for Daredevils Only

Mar 9, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

If you’re afraid of heights, you may want to skip getting a cocktail at Biré Bitori. Designed by Tall Arquitectos, the restaurant hangs over Mexico’s Copper Canyon and as you can see from the renderings, it takes serious advantage of the views. 

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Famous Big Lebowski House Donated to LACMA

Feb 29, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) just got a really cool donation in the form of a John Lautner-designed house and property that is estimated to be worth over $40 million. If the mansion looks familiar to you, it’s probably because the property starred in 1998’s The Big Lebowski as porn king Jackie Treehorn’s pad. 

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Conrad Black’s Famed Toronto Mansion on the Market for the First Time

Feb 24, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

Located just 15 minutes outside of downtown Toronto, the mansion at 26 Park Lane Circle has entertained plenty of famous figures like Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher, The Duke of Edinburgh and Sir Elton John. 

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The Reincarnation of a Church

Feb 16, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

Refurbishing old homes is pretty standard in the real estate business now, but sometimes history can get glossed over in the process. To combat that, adaptive reuse projects have been growing in popularity.

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This House Manipulates Sound Waves

Feb 3, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

Found in Amagansett, New York, the Elizabeth II home from Bates Masi Architects was built with acoustics in mind. Each material used was chosen for how they would manipulate and enhance the structure’s interior, characterized by parallel walls that give privacy and insulate the house from the town noise outside.

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This Treehouse-Inspired Home Brings Grass Inside

Feb 1, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

Surrounded by rain trees in a residential area of Singapore, The House at Trevose Place stands out from its suburban neighbors. A D Lab architecture firm used nature as inspiration and designed the home in a very treehouse-like fashion. Its highlight is its use of grass, which can be found on every level and even extends into some living spaces.

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Renzo Piano's First Residential Building Gets One Step Closer to Breaking Ground in Miami

Jan 14, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano is inarguably one of the greatest living architects, with tons of awards and accolades to his name. “The beauty of his designs stems from his stubborn insistence that the placement of a column or a window, when done with enough patience and care, brings us a step closer to a more enlightened society,” wrote The New York Times in 2009. Basically, we pay attention when his name is attached to a project, which is why we can’t wait to see the upcoming Eighty Seven Park in Miami.

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