Classic Kids Toys with Chic Minimalistic Design

May 31, 2017  |   Contributor: Lindy Contorelli

Having kids comes with a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, a lot of that stuff is very necessary, but also very large and ugly.

... Read More

The Luxe List: Musical Frog Holds Secret to Smarter Kids

Dec 1, 2010  |   Contributor: Merilee Kern

Children's Toys: While there's nothing new about kids loving music, science involving music and the brain proves that learning music early in life enhances brain development.... Read More

Toys "R" Us Holiday Hot Toy List Top Picks 2010

Sep 23, 2010  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Holiday Gifts: If you are looking to get a jump on the holiday season and win the hearts of all the children on your list, be the first shopper out there with the Toys 'R' Us 2010 Holiday Hot Toy List. According to the toy store with a global presence backed by more than 60 years of experience at these sort of things, this is 2010's "it" list for toys for children from infancy up to 11 years old.... Read More

Garia: The world's most exclusive golf car

Dec 30, 2009  |   Contributor: Andrew Christian  |  1 Comment

Luxury Cars: If you like playing golf, then you will definitely be interested in this car, a so-called reinvented golf cart in the form of a luxury car.... Read More

The Luxe List: Top Toys for Posh Tots - Part 2

Aug 6, 2009  |   Contributor: Merilee Kern

If you're one of "those" (as I admittedly am) who start making a holiday list and checking it twice even before the sun sets on the summer season, then this roundup is for you.... Read More

The Luxe List: Top Toys for Posh Tots - Part 1:

Nov 11, 2008  |   Contributor: Merilee Kern

When it comes to high-end, high quality, high energy toys, is among the best in the world. With an extensive and durable product line that includes many of the toy industry's greatest innovations, at least one GEOSPACE item is sure to be at the top of you... Read More

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