HNA Tourism Publicizes First and Largest Luxury Cruise Ship out of Mainland China

Night View of Shanghai

Photo Courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock
As if China hasn’t been producing enough goods lately, the financially booming country is now making their mark on the Asian cruise line industry. HNA Tourism recently founded the first Chinese cruise company to own their own vessel. The ship “Henna,” the mainland’s largest cruise ship ever, is set to make its appearance onto the Pacific January 26, 2013. The ship contains 739 rooms and can hold up to 1,965 passengers. As interest in Asia increases among the world’s traveling elite, HNA Tourism Cruise and Yacht Management President Zhang Hao anticipates that the cruise industry in China will grow rapidly, and he hopes that his company will remain a leader in the industry. Other foreign cruise companies have offered tours through the mainland for quite some time, but HNA is the first locally owned and operated line. And what better way to tour a region, than guided by a natively owned company? HNA’s cruise line is also expected to stimulate a surge in domestic competition in the cruise industry, allowing China to compete with corporate cruises that are based overseas.

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