The Titanic Ready to Redeem Itself in 2016

While James Cameron may have impressed millions when he brought a new generation aboard the Titanic through his 1997 blockbuster film, Clive Palmer is doing one better. The eccentric billionaire is physically bringing cruise-goers onto the famous ship. Or rather, onto its new and improved twin sister Titanic II, that is. Palmer announced his intentions last year to build a modern replica of the legendary vessel and has just revealed some interesting details about what we can expect for its 2016 maiden voyage. 

Palmer is creating the Titanic II not only to show people what it was like to sail on the ill-fated ship, but to have them truly experience it and feel like a part of history, minus the iceberg [fingers crossed]. Passengers will be given period clothing to don while on their voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City, as it was supposed to happen in 1912. While Palmer is still deciding whether to provide Internet access, he does note that there will be no phones and no TVs. Without these distractions, perhaps a few good conversations and even romance could ensue. It sure worked in the movie.

Tara Imperatore

Since graduating from Penn State University, Tara has dabbled in several different realms of the publishing world. From food writing to an opinion column to city guide editorials, her work can be seen in newspapers, luxury lifestyle magazines and various websites. As Associate for JustLuxe, she is busy sharpening her eye for all that is opulent around the world. She is also a freelance writer for ...(Read More)

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