Why Choose Just One Caribbean Destination When You Can Island Hop With a Catamaran Yacht?

Photos Courtesy of Sunsail

This winter, Sunsail, a sailing and water sports vacation company, is offering a charter around the Caribbean that'll make for an unforgettable holiday adventure. While everyone back home is stuck dealing with cold weather and ridiculous parking during the season, you could be sailing turquoise waters in warmth and style.

Starting in the British Virgin Islands town of Tortola, passengers will get to experience this tropical paradise that turns into a festive island during December. From there, vacationers can head to any number of islands and ports during the trip, many of which hold lovely holiday celebrations.


Built by Robertson and Caine specifically for Sunsail, the 384 catamaran yacht features Euro styling and a generous sail plan for enhanced performance on the water. The ship's large outdoor space is perfect for taking in the views and warm Caribbean breezes, and the cockpit offers comfortable seating for eight. Inside, guests will find an aft-facing galley with serving window and a spacious saloon for socializing. Two large bathrooms with showers, two forespeak berths, easy boarding and two 30Hp diesel engines are included on the vessel.


Starting at $6,790, this trip is best traveled during the holidays. The crew recommends adding on the Christmas hamper ($160 additional) filled with celebratory items like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree (Lionel's blanket included), Caribbean eggnog chocolate, a large collection of fruits and a Cadbury fruit and nut cheesecake.


With unbeatable weather, high-energy water sports, sandy beaches and an incredible, diverse selection of cuisine to experience, this holiday vacation sounds much better than staying at home and dealing with angry shoppers and constant drizzle, again.

Donald Herrera Fairbairn

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