Experience The French Riviera by Private Yacht Charter

Luxury Travel: Discovered by aristocrats, reveled in by royals and gilded by movie stars; the Riviera is a place where centuries of sophisticated travelers have dipped their toes in the Mediterranean. If you've business to attend to in London, Rome, Paris or any other European city, even just a weekend stop-over gives you time to leave your shoes on the quayside and find out why so many of the rich and famous have been drawn to its charms. Chartering a private yacht is definitely the best way to get a genuine feel for the Riviera. The coastal resorts and villages show off their best side to the sea as this was originally the way most travelers arrived; think of it simply as coming in through the front door!

This is luxury traveling as it used to be, with the journey being as much a part of the experience as arriving at your destination. A yacht gives you the freedom to reach the most beautiful places whilst topping up your tan and relaxing with a cold drink. You'll also feel much more of a sense of participating, rather than merely speculating. To visit St. Tropez without a means of getting afloat is like going to the races without your binoculars - you'll miss most of the action and you'll never understand what all the fuss is about. Going to the beach? You'll need the yacht because it's on the other side of the headland to the town! Every evening hundreds of yachts arrive, decanting their guests onto the quayside still salty and often still in their bikinis and beach wraps, to enjoy an aperitif or browse around the chic boutiques. And for those who come to see and be seen the deck of a yacht makes a perfect stage!

On the other hand, if you prefer to remain incognito and stay away from the crowds, a yacht provides the perfect escape. Imagine a romantic dinner on deck in a tranquil bay surrounded by forests, without a villa or hotel in sight. Some of the Riviera's most beautiful spots are difficult to reach from any direction other than the sea, and only a yacht affords the privilege of bringing one so close to nature, without compromising on style and comfort. Even if you've only a few days to spare, you'll leave relaxed and refreshed having experienced one of the world's most famous coastlines from a different perspective.

Michelle Blore
JustLuxe Contributor

St. Tropez

Michelle Blore

Michelle Blore is an expert in luxury sailing yachts and holidays afloat. A former London based advertising executive, Michelle left the corporate world to live on the French Riviera and founded, the specialist in luxury sailing holidays which runs its own fleet of yachts. Having visited most of the world's most glamorous locations by boat, Michelle is well qualified to guide...(Read More)

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