The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Unveils New Worldwide Olfactory Experiences

Photo Credit: Natalia Kepesz

Delving into the notion that scent is the best trigger of memories, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is unveiling a new program to please the oft-neglected sense. With some of the world's best food, arts and comforts throughout the brand's world-renowned properties, the addition of custom fragrances allow guests an even deeper emotional connection to their travels.

the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
Photo Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

“First impressions at our properties are everlasting and set the stage for overall guest engagement and brand perception,” said Lisa Holladay, vice-president, brand management and guest experience for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. “Equally important as our service and cultural competence, being an element that evokes an emotional connection ensures us that we are delivering highly-experiential stays for our guests around the world.”

ritz d.c.
Photo Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton, Washington D.C.

A number of their hotels already have pleasant scents embedded into their guest experience, with fragrance actually being pumped throughout the properties. The recently-opened Ritz-Calton, Kyoto for example is flowered in lovely hints of green tea. At The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C., the fragrances were inspired by the city's popular cherry blossoms. The hotel even created a scented candle from the delicate smell, which has become a favorite amongst return visitors. 

Photo Credit: Natalia Kepesz

A slightly less subtle statement, one of the newest additions to The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin is Fragrances, the city center first lounge dedicated to the world of perfumes and craft cocktails. Working with Diageo’s world-class portfolio of spirits, beer and wine, the property has crafted libations based on hand-selected scents from renowned fragrance houses. “At Fragrances, we want guests to not only enjoy their cocktails, but to also experience them,” said Arnd Heissen, manager of the new concept. “By selecting their favorite cocktails, guests depend entirely on their senses – which is an experiment that demands courage and curiosity on their part, while also being inspiring.”  

Sharq Village & Spa
Photo Courtesy of Sharq Village & Spa

Soon, every one of the brand's 86 properties worldwide will have this unique experience installed to enhance sensory-triggered emotion in all guests. Even non-branded Ritz-Carlton properties, Sharq Village & Spa in Ras Abu Abboud and Hotel Arts Barcelona will offer enchanting olfactory inclusions.

rc memories
Photo Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

In addition to the wonderful bouquets being added to the hotels and resorts, Ritz-Carlton has begun helping travelers relive and share their experiences via the brand's Your Memories campaign, a clever idea that allows guests to share their favorite travel memories by simply adding #RCMemories to any social media post. Previous and prospective travelers that then visit the Your Memories page can see through the eyes of other guests, virtually reliving and experiencing those unforgettable moments.

Photo Credit: Natalia Kepesz

Say all you want about luxurious amenities, beautiful vistas and fine dining. While those things are all wonderful and make a luxury hotel stay worthwhile, it's these kinds of outside-the-box initiatives that continue to make The Ritz-Carlton brand a leading  hotelier across the globe.

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