Kenya's Finch Hattons Takes Us Back to the Golden Days of Luxury Safari Experiences

Photos/Video Credit: Finch Hattons

When you’re dreaming of a luxurious African vacation that still puts you in the center of the country’s wildlife and beautiful landscapes, you are probably picturing something a lot like Finch Hattons. The upscale camp sits in Tsavo National Park in Kenya and is comprised of 17 suites, and as the above video shows, it’s all about living well in the wilderness.

finch hattons

“Denys Finch Hatton was a legendary British aristocrat who travelled to Kenya in 1911 and fell under the spell of the African wild. His fascination with the wildlife turned him into a renowned photographer, dedicated conservationist and host, introducing both business tycoons and British Royalty to his world of Luxury Safari,” reads the website.

finch hattons

This past February, the camp reopened following a complete overhaul, adding new amenities and furnishings. Trying to bring back the golden days of safari travel, the accommodations feature white linens, ornately-carved chests, free-standing copper tubs, hardwood writing tables and indoor plus outdoor showers overlooking the region.

finch hattons

On top of its impressive suites, the area is filled with wildlife to discover on your safari such as red elephants, wildebeests, buffalo, zebras, giraffes and lions. Alright, Finch Hattons, you got us, when can we meet?

finch hattonsfinch hattonsfinch hattons

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