10 Buildings That Transformed From Historic Spaces Into Luxury Hotels

“If these walls could talk,” is never more true than when uttered in reference to hotels. Of course, if they could speak, we probably wouldn’t want to know all the spicy details of a traveler’s stay. But there are some properties whose stories begin long before they ever housed guests. These hotels once housed everyone from bankers to newspaper men and even prisoners, before being transformed into luxury properties across the globe. Here are 10 properties that went from historic spaces to four- and five-star accommodations:

Hudson Hotel — New York, New York

This New York Luxury property was originally constructed as the American Women’s Association Clubhouse in 1928. Opening its doors as a hotel in 1941 as the Henry Hudson, the space was home to Dutch troops during WWII, the United Nations Security Council in 1946 and converted to headquarters for Channel 13 and Sesame Street in 1985. In 1997, the property underwent a major re-imagination and was re-opened in 2000 as the Hudson Hotel. With 892 rooms, the property boasts a contemporary look and feel with cozy guestrooms and offers a prime location right off of Columbus Circle nearby Central Park.

Hotel de Rome — Berlin, Germany

Formerly the Renaissance-style Dresdner Bank, designed by architect Ludwig Heim between 1887 and 1889, the hotel operated as the bank’s headquarters until 1945. Briefly used as a cinema during the Communist era, the original three floors were added to the structure in 1923 with an additional three levels and rooftop terrace completing the building. Destroyed when the Wall fell in 1989, traces of the bank’s past can be found throughout the property, from the mosaic ballroom floor to the bank vault found in the Spa.

Chad Chisholm

Chad Chisholm is a professional photographer and travel writer. Marrying the two together, his travels have taken him across the world, staying in everything from Parisian Penthouses to huts in Ecuador in the rainforest. His work has been published in ISLANDS, Afar, WildJunket, AAA publications, and more. To see Chad's photographic work, visit ...(Read More)

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