New Website Revolutionizes Travel Abroad for Volunteers

Photo Courtesy of Volunteer Forever
Apparently people are climbing over one another these days to be a volunteer. Why? Many say it’s a life changing experience. I suppose that's reason enough. Unfortunately, traveling abroad can get expensive, so Volunteer Forever has developed a new platform to help those working for free who don’t have a lot of money, act like the next Mother Teresa, without breaking the bank or their spirit.

Another issue has come to light, in that there are many volunteer abroad organizations, and little to no way of matching the project to the host communities. To help solve this problem, Volunteer Forever has put out a first-of-its-kind web platform to assist in alleviating financial burden, and also help volunteers find and fund their trips overseas.

The co-founder of Volunteer Forever Billy Beltz says, “As volunteers ourselves, we understand the positive impact one volunteer can have and the challenges that keep more people from participating.” According to Beltz, Volunteer Forever’s mission is to take down any road blocks that might keep someone from stepping up for a cause. "Our goal is to not only help people effect positive change in communities that need it most, but also create a more globally-engaged, aware, and concerned citizen base."
So what is Volunteer Forever all about exactly? Let’s say you want to volunteer, but don’t have the money, and don’t know who to contact to organize your travels. Volunteer Forever prides itself in being “Your Gateway to Volunteering Abroad.” The innovative website focuses on user reviews, forums, articles and tips to help prospective volunteers discover and select an overseas placement.

They even offer a crowdfunding platform that simplifies and personalizes fundraising, by utilizing integrated social media tools that tap into extended networks, enabling donations to stream in from family and or friends. So when you get bit by the 'need to better the world' bug, you'll know where to start to ensure a safe, successful and satisfying volunteer experience abroad.

Joseph Vasquez

Joseph is a graduate of University California State San Marcos . He loves to travel, and has visited large foreign cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Guadalajara. As a writer,in his spare time Joseph has had his poetry and short stories selected for publication in various newsletters on He has also written film reviews, and has covered the San Diego Chargers on TP...(Read More)

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