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Jan. 11th, 2013

Experts Predict the Hottest Travel Trends for 2013

hot-air balloon ride over Bagan
In a shocking turn of events, the Mayan calendar's predictions did not come true. So now what? I guess it's time to take that exciting luxury vacation you've always dreamed of before the world potentially comes to an end again. Perhaps you’ve already started thinking about some upcoming travel plans for 2013—will you go on a romantic escape with your significant other? Take a family trip for some quality bonding time? Head out on that exotic adventure that’s been on your bucket list? Or maybe take a solo travel opportunity to do some soul searching?

Since we're too impatient to wait another year to find out your selections, we went right to the source for some insightful predictions. Experienced representatives from all facets of the travel industry, including cruise, hotel, and tour companies, gave us their expert opinions on how they envision discerning travelers spending their hard earned time off and just where they'll be heading to in the new year. (Photo courtesy of Classic Journeys)
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