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Jun. 5th, 2014

5 Summer Camps Where Becoming a Spy, Scuba Diver or Actor is All-in-a-Day's Work

Camp Takajo
Photo Courtesy of Camp Takajo

Often sought-after by parents looking for fun ways to keep their children entertained while out of school, sleep-away summer camps have grown more and more creative with their programming to compete with the many others offered each June through August. Especially for families living in cities, they have become a great way for the young ones in the household to spend time outdoors connecting with nature and experiencing all manner of activities. However, not all camps are made alike and, as such, there are some seriously top-notch and interesting getaways available to help children make cherished memories, lifelong friends and, in some cases, delve deeper into a hobby. Here are five camps that bring awesome activities and fun to the table, in categories ranging from espionage to marine biology.

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