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Jun. 30th, 2014

$50 Million Japanese Sleeper Train Slated for 2017 from Ferrari Designer Ken Okuyama

Photos Courtesy of JR East

Come spring 2017, a new Japanese luxury train will be unveiled from Ferrari Designer Ken Okuyama with JR East called Cruise Train. The 34-passenger locomotive will have 10 cars including two lead cars with glass walls and observation areas, a dining car and a lounge car. Spending 5 billion yen (around USD $50 million) on the project, the train will feature a two-story deluxe suite car with two beds and tatami mats on the second floor, and five additional sleeper cars. No word yet on the ticket prices for this uber-luxe vessel, but based on the seven-star Nanatsuboshi, you can most likely expect to spend a pretty penny to experience this new train.

cruise train
cruise train
cruise train
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