Winklematten is a Swiss Beverly Hills, Tucked Inside of Zermatt

Zermatt, Switzerland

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Within Zermatt’s boundaries you’ll find the pretty little hamlet of Winklematten. Winklematten was once a self-sustaining village but as Zermatt has grown it has swallowed up this tranquil and charming village.

The locals fondly refer to Winklematten as the Beverly Hills of Zermatt, the properties are amongst the most expensive and luxurious to be found in the whole of Zermatt. The village is set higher up the mountain than the town below and affords wonderful views of the surrounding mountains. Another great aspect of Winklematten is that you can ski directly back into the hamlet, which is not the case in the other areas of Zermatt. Skiing is possible all year round making Zermatt and Winklematten the ideal holiday destination for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors in truly breathtaking surroundings. 

Zermatt, Switzerland
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The stunningly pretty village of Zermatt is one of Europe’s most popular skiing destinations, the village is nestled at the head of a valley and surrounded on three sides by mountains and magnificent, awe inspiring scenery both in winter and summer. The iconic Matterhorn stands proud watching over the village below. It’s easy to speculate that if you piled up all the photos that visitors have taken of its handsome edifice, the heap would more than likely be higher than the Matterhorn itself. 

The whole town is car-free. Walking through the village, hearing only birdsong footfall and the chatter of people is intensely calming. Adding to the tranquil ambience of this delightful resort is the rush and murmur of the river that spills down through the town from the glacier above. 

Zermatt, Switzerland
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‘Matten’ is the German word for alpine meadow; Switzerland is full of them and Winklematten was founded in the midst of one of these beautiful natural features. The temperature tends to drop considerably at nights, but fear not, as almost all of the accommodations in Winklematten boast open fireplaces; there’s nothing more relaxing than huddling up to a roaring log fire in the evening. The wooden floors provide extra comfort and warmth to truly enhance the beauty of the apartments. Winklematten also has several multi-level chalets that are converted into attractive luxury ski apartments.

With so much outdoor natural beauty in Winkelmatten people can be forgiven for not spending much of the day in their apartments. The hamlet is only a three-minute walk from the Klein Matterhorn lift station and only a 10-minute walk into the heart of Zermatt. The walk back from town should take a little longer but is still extremely enjoyable, even with snow boots! Most people who choose to spend time in Winklematten are repeat customers, who find their morning walk into town a fantastic way to warm up before hitting the slopes, and a walk back an invaluable stretching exercise. 

Zermatt, Switzerland
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It’s possible to leave your skiing gear at Dorsaz sport next to the Klein Matterhorn lift or at Flex Rent, which is located opposite the Sunnegga lift, making it even more convenient. There is a free ski bus which actually runs to and from Winklematten every 20 minutes. Winkelmatten also boasts a great little village center, with a well-stocked shop for all your self-catering needs, but the three larger supermarkets in Zermatt will more than likely carry supplies of everything you could possibly want. Should you wish to head into town for a meal out, a late night drink or maybe throw some shapes on the dance floor, there’s a wealth of choices. If you can’t face the walk back up the mountain to Winklematten after a full day on the slopes, take advantage of the electric taxis. 

There’s also a lovely restaurant in the hamlet itself, the Sonnmatten. The restaurant opens onto a terrace, which boasts stunning views over the Matterhorn. On the spacious and rustic sun terraces with a clear view of the Matterhorn, they serve a range of Austrian specialties, from goulash & dumplings and schnitzel to mono fish or lobster au gratin. Pretty much everything you could need for a memorable ski vacation can be found in Winklematten, hence it’s enduring popularity and appeal.

Danny Frith

Danny Frith lives and works in Zermatt, Switzerland and is passionate about the mountains. He is Co-founder and Director of the successful and burgeoning luxury ski chalet agency, SkiBoutique. After traveling extensively Danny found his spiritual home in the shadow of the Matterhorn, a view he enjoys daily from his office window. He’s often on the piste ski guiding, taking care of guests and...(Read More)

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