Lauren Berger Collection: Luxury Rental Properties Offering Truly Personalized Service

Luxury Rentals: Luxury travel takes on many different forms. Whether you prefer high-end hotels or resorts, yachting, luxury cruise lines or train tours, there is something out there for everyone. Ever popular are luxury vacation home rentals, where guests have all of the comfort and privacy of home with all of the relaxation and excitement of a vacation. Almost every luxury travel experience boasts similar ideals: excellent service, abounding amenities, lavish accommodations. While they very rarely disappoint, most properties hardly match the level of passion for hospitality we have found in the Lauren Berger Collection.

For years, Lauren Berger has prided herself on offering superb accommodations to guests in her own home. Over time, Lauren has cultivated a keen talent for creating not only pristine environments, but also grand events for many occasions. Merging these two talents together, the Lauren Berger Collection was born. The collection's beautiful homes are spread throughout New York, the Hamptons and Connecticut. Each property boasts impressive square footage, luxurious amenities and a passionate team that offers personalized hospitality.

Guests that select a property out of the Lauren Berger Collection for a stay consistently choose to return year after year. It is not hard to understand why. Staff is hand-picked by Lauren herself and most of the team has been with her for decades. Every property offers a plethora of services and privileges. Privileges available to clients include membership access to Quintessentially, access to one of the most exclusive clubs in New York City and the Classic Car Club. Services available include airport pick-up and drop-off, a 24-hour butler and concierge, pick up and home delivery of shopping, personal trainer, babysitter, as well as an in-house chef. These services barely scratch the surface of what is available to guests and you can rest assured that any requests made will be carried out to the very last detail. Mrs. Berger ensures that the quality of hospitality shown to every one of her guests is flawless and to the same standard that she passionately shows her friends and family.

The great thing about procuring a rental property for travel is that it is easy to cater to virtually any group size. Ideal for family reunions, destination weddings, events or just getting away, sometimes it's not only about what you get, but what you don't: limitations. A horse and carriage for the bride and groom? Not a problem. A babysitter so the adults can enjoy a little free time? Of course. Discreet security a must-have? Two of the collection's drivers are New York City detectives. Should you find yourself hosting a large event or even a simple dinner party, a large selection of fine china, sterling silver, crystal, giftware and art are available to rent as well. As if we need to tell you again, any occasion held at one of these properties will be tended to with the utmost in hospitality.

One thing that we have not greatly told you about is the properties themselves. Pictures are well worth more than words, and so the accompanying slideshow speaks volumes. However, what must be mentioned is this: Every home in the Lauren Berger Collection is beautifully decorated with art or antiques you might find in your own home. Décor is elegant, lavish, sophisticated...and comfortable. Each property was originally intended for Lauren's closest friends and relatives to utilize and she passes that privilege to her clients. In fact, after staying at one of the Lauren Berger Collection properties, you might be hard-pressed to not cultivate a personal relationship with not only the staff that serves you, but with Lauren herself. You will find that those same individuals will be ready and waiting to serve you time and time again.

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