Puerto Vallarta Remains One of the World’s Most Coveted, Exotic Retreats

Luxury Destinations: Puerto Vallarta offers visitors a broad spectrum of authentic Mexican experiences, with a wide range of spectacular landscapes, fantastic food (and tequila, of course), and the chance to see some of the rarest animals on land and at sea.

As one of the most responsible, ecotourism locations in the world, doing more to protect and conserve its natural landscape than almost any other destination, Puerto Vallarta stands as a leading example for exotic escapes world-wide. From conservation programs for endangered species to organized eco-awareness days, both the local government and community are involved in taking care of one of the most beautiful areas on earth.

The area has made considerable efforts to protect many of the species that call Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding areas home. Puerto Vallarta is the birthplace of the Humpback Whale and every year, from December to April, humpback whales return to the area to breed. Visitors are offered the once in a lifetime chance to see the whales in their natural environment on a whale-watching excursion in the calm waters of the bay.

The nearby Sierra Madre Mountains are also the epicenter of numerous other ecological wonders, and guests to the area can experience the wildlife with the help of one of the highly educated eco-tour guides. Explore the forest floor, or get a view from above in a canopy tour.

One of Mexico’s most widely celebrated cultural expressions is grown and distilled in the state of Jalisco, where Puerto Vallarta is located. This expression is Tequila, which in Puerto Vallarta is not just a drink, but a place as well. The town Tequila is just a short 35-minute flight form Puerto Vallarta and well worth a visit. The blue-green agave plants carpet the region and make the area the only place in the world where authentic tequila is distilled.

When encountering tequila in its rightful birthplace, it would seem absurd to not experience the spirit alongside truly authentic and regional Mexican fare. Some of Mexico’s top chefs call Puerto Vallarta home, where, in November of every year, the annual International Gourmet Festival is held. During this ten-day celebration, senses feast on the culinary masterpieces of 20 guest chefs, among them some of the finest in the world. Whether you are visiting one of their many internationally acclaimed restaurants serving exceptionally fine cuisine, or stopping at a small, family-run taco stand for lunch, your palate will not be disappointed.

Puerto Vallarta has been long celebrated as a relaxing escape or an exciting destination for your family to experience unparalleled natural landscapes. Celebrities have flocked to it and made their homes there, drawn to the beautiful scenery and traditional architecture. Whether you are looking for an exotic vacation from the everyday or the trip of a lifetime for you and your family, Puerto Vallarta will not let you down and will having you returning year after year.

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