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Bali Tour Based on Best Seller Eat, Pray, Love

Feb. 17th, 2010 | Comments 3 | Make a Comment   
Luxury Tours: If you haven’t already read Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling book, Eat, Pray, Love, then chances are you’ve at least heard the rave reviews. The New York Times best seller has proved so popular, that a second book, as well as a feature film starring leading lady Julia Roberts, is already in the works. But the excitement doesn’t stop there, as fans can now experience the book first-hand and retrace the steps of Gilbert’s mind-awaking journey through Indonesia.

Spirit Quest Tours, a boutique spiritual tour company based out of Las Vegas, has created a new guided tour that takes you through the enchanting island of Bali. Staying true to the book, the tour will focus on the simple — yet profound — three key elements that the book is based upon: Eat, Pray, Love. Travelers will eat both Italian and Balinese food, pray how the Balinese Hindus pray, and witness the love and emotion that goes into the spiritual Kecak dance.

“Bali is all about love,” according to Spirit Quest Tours’ founder Greg Roach. “Will all the singles on this tour go home with the love of their life, as Gilbert did? Roach laughs. “We don’t make any guarantees!”

And unlike Gilbert, who slept in little cottages along the way, Spirit Quest Tours has arranged much more luxurious accommodations in an attempt to deliver a four-star experience. While in Ubud, the artistic center of Bali, guests will stay at the eco-friendly Alila Hotel. The guided tour through Bali includes visiting local temples, such as the famous Taneh Lot, traditional sightseeing adventures, a torch-lit dinner on the beach, and even includes lavish spa and shopping excursions. Guests will also have the opportunity to meet Ketut Liyer, the Balinese shaman who was an instrumental character in the book.

The seven-day Eat, Pray & Love Bali tour kicks off on May 20, 2010 and is priced at $2,995. If you’re looking for a soul-searching expedition, taken straight from the pages of your favorite book, you might want to act quickly as space is limited to only 35 travelers.

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3 Comments on this Article

newgabe commented on May 12, 2010

Good grief. Standard Bali tour at a rip off price. Tourist Kecak dances cost $7 folks. Tanah Lot is half made of plastic (ok acrylic). RIP Bali if spiritual tours out of Las Vegas start invading. Sadly, the village next to mine was where some of that bloody film was shot. Is already attracting the sort of idiots who go to New Zealand looking for hobbits. You want some sex? Just go to any bar in Kuta and you'll get a pretty boy in seconds. As some local T shirts are already saying. Eat Pay Leave.

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KeboEdan commented on February 20, 2010

Is this serious??? How can one be ferried around from one air-conditioned module to the other and hope to experience anything real??? Ruthless exploitation. I heard that Pak Liyer has become very corrupted and has no time anymore for people out of his own community. Shame on you. I'll be very curious to see if you allow this comment to appear here.

Reply    Report this Comment commented on February 19, 2010

I thought you may enjoy seeing this! Love Mom

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