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May. 25th, 2010

Bush Adventures in Kenya: For the Extreme Vacationist

Luxury Vacations: Consider yourself hardcore? Test your survival skills with an extreme safari with Bush Adventures.

This is a no-frills experience that teaches guests hands on how to be a real jungle-tested Maasai warrior in the wilderness in northernmost Kenya.

Want a complete Travel Quote including airfare, special hotel rates and FREE upgrades? Contact our Travel Specialist today! Welcome to the jungle. While it is a five-star experience for extreme nature enthusiasts, the lodgings are a different story.

Accommodations are simple. There are no electricity or cell phone towers, and only birds are tweeting in this environment. Luxury amenities include a 130-square-foot safari tent; sit-down toilets; a nightly campfire with rich conversations and drinks. There also is a chef on hand who prepares and serves three meals daily alfresco. Eight is the maximum guests on a safari.

In the vast wilderness of the Maasailand, a Maasai warrior is the next best thing to being Ted Nugent in a loincloth. The submersion into the lifestyle of the warrior is all encompassing. Participants learn real survival techniques, the culture of the people, and respect for the land. There is a four-day, a seven-day, and a 12-day tour available.

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