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Kensington Tours Introduces Kensington Antarctica

Aug. 16th, 2010 | Comments 0 | Make a Comment   
Luxury Vacations: Luxury adventure seekers can now experience once-in-a-lifetime forays into the untouched heart of Antarctica's interior.

"When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime travel," says Jeff Willner, founder of Kensington Tours, "this is the real McCoy."

"Kensington Antarctica is a step forward in our mission to offer private travel to the entire world," says Willner, an experienced explorer himself and a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. "Once the exclusive domain of explorers and scientists, Kensington Antarctica now gives amateur explorers the opportunity to see landscapes and wildlife at their most untouched with personalized service from experienced professionals and the comfort of a luxury camp."

Beginning with a private jet, the trip includes luxurious amenities including heated tents with modern conveniences. Each living space houses two guests within two large, dome tents (fusing traditional materials with cutting-edge technology) which house a dining room, library, kitchen and communications area. Gourmet meals are served daily.

In addition to luxury living accommodations, the trip also includes up close and personal views of nature, access to a 12,000-strong colony of fearless Emperor Penguins and their hatchlings. Bespoke adventures of the trip are: kite skiing, rock and ice climbing, abseiling into crevasses, 4x4 adventures to the coastal ice barrier or to one of the science bases, and a flight to the South Pole.

The Antarctica season runs from late November through January when temperatures average a mild 23 degrees Fahrenheit.
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