Amanresorts' Amangani: Mountain Bliss in Wyoming

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What's worthy in Wyoming, resort wise? There's but one answer for that: Amangani. As I've found at the handful of Aman properties I've explored, the Amanresort group makes an unimagined escape a blissful reality. Amangani has much to offer a weary Westerner or well-to-do vagabond. Here are my favorite aspects of Amangani, the "peaceful home."

Postcard Perfect
If there is a ledge where angels like to peek down on the earth from, then it's the perch from this resort. Nearly every window I peered out of at Amangani stopped me in my tracks. Sweeping views of the Snake River Valley, greener than an emerald, and snow capped mountains, alongside the Grand Tetons, form such a picturesque view that just looking out enthralled me repeatedly. The 9 p.m. summer sunsets at Amangani are not to be missed. The sky fills with cotton candy-like clouds that unselfishly let bolts of sunrays dart through.

I spent nearly every evening after dinner in the resort's 115-foot long heated pool or in the connected 11-square-foot hot tub, soaking in the spectacular sunsets that seem to make their stage the very edge of Amangani's pool. One morning, from the balcony of our suite, I spotted dots of cattle grazing 2,000 feet below, unperturbed by the snowflakes sweeping from the sky (Wyoming still gets spurts of snow even in May, when I visited). What a stunning sight; but I remember thinking to myself, "No wonder. I'm at an Aman."

Feast of Flavors
Dining at Amangani is on par with its views. The main dining room, the Grill, is minimal in décor, as is the Aman style, but rich in fine detail. A gorgeously paneled redwood ceiling contrasts with a black slate floor. In between, commissioned artworks, a smoky fireplace, and rawhide-backed chairs fill in this "cowboy cool" design. Game and local produce items cascade down the menu, a treat for anyone looking for the farm-to-table experience, Wyoming style.

Book this hotel now with confidence! Personal Service. Best Rate Guarantee. 100% Luxury Hotels. Book Now! During my stay, lean and perfectly cooked bison, elk, and beef were sampled. All were delicious. Dining at the Grill is an easy indulgence, but I did leave the mountain top sanctuary for lunch out one day, driving the BMW
of my choice. The German cars are a ridiculously fun perk the resort offers to all guests.

Precision Personnel
One aspect of resort management that Amans have made an art form is their service. It sometimes annoys me when a "luxury" property denies or reluctantly grants a mundane request. I don't request shipments of my favorite shampoo packaged in dry ice from helicopters, but if I'd like a latte in the lounge, an extra big robe to take outside to the pool, or perhaps a pick up from the airport and back, I'd expect to be accommodated. Every staff member of Amangani has mastered such a simple but sweet phrase: "of course." Better yet, they bring the latte with a biscotti and extra foamed milk, the robe with a pre-heated towel, and the airport ride with bottled water and cool, eucalyptus scented towels.

Adventure Bound
Integration with nature is a hallmark of Amanresorts. This fall, Amangani is offering guests a spectacular and intimate opportunity to witness the change of the seasons in two nearby national parks: the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. This three-day excursion, led by a seasoned biologist, allows guests to explore first hand and up close the breeding habits of bison and bears first hand.

Make sure to check for the specific date offerings, but this is quite a unique trek to consider, Aman style.

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