Southern Ocean Lodge: Down Under at Isolated and Exotic Australian 'Galapagos'

A leap and bound over a small section of the Southern Ocean, Kangaroo Island awaits for a distinctive adventure just south of Adelaide, Australia. The unique ecosystem of Kangaroo Island is a well-kept travel destination; even products from the mainland are not permitted on KI due to a rare Ligurian Bee Sanctuary and delicate balance of the indigenous wildlife. The Island is not only home to unique flora and fauna, it also is where globetrotters can discover the stunning Southern Ocean Lodge.

Having been to Sydney, Melbourne, and Cairns, South Australia was hardly on my radar as a “must-go” on the continent. I was wrong. From the Barossa Valley to Kangaroo Island, this region known as Australia's Galapagos is rich in natural wonders and conscientious hospitality; this part of Australia just seems more authentic than their East Coast neighbors. Memorable sites and luxury services are tucked away amidst the bush, and the scent of eucalyptus blends with fresh ocean air from the winds off Antarctica, permeating the SA atmosphere.

Chad Chisholm

Chad Chisholm is a professional photographer and travel writer. Marrying the two together, his travels have taken him across the world, staying in everything from Parisian Penthouses to huts in Ecuador in the rainforest. His work has been published in ISLANDS, Afar, WildJunket, AAA publications, and more. To see Chad's photographic work, visit ...(Read More)

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