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The Serene World of Club Med Finolhu in the Maldives

Jun. 30th, 2016

Sometimes, less is more. Fewer people, less noise, no interruptions, no crowds, no rush. This is especially true when looking for somewhere unique to reconnect with your significant other in unrivaled natural beauty and serenity. If this sounds like your kind of scene, Club Med’s newest premium resort Villas de Finolhu in the Maldives might just be the perfect place to experience the less is more vibe.


There are beautiful island resorts nestled around the world, but The Maldives are special. This is a nation of small tropical archipelagos spread over a vast area of the Indian Ocean and warm azure waters teaming with marine life and coral reefs. The Maldivian way suits this environment. It is certainly not a hurried existence. It is less about “let’s rush over there, now” and more about “let’s wander over there, soon.”


Club Med resorts around the world are famed for their high energy, family-friendly experiences where there is never a dull moment. Finolhu is part of Club Med’s new edition of high-end chalet accommodations offering an exclusive experience with the all-inclusive Club Med philosophy, and at Finolhu, it works beautifully. The resort is an adult-only, all-chalet property with either beach front or over water villas split between sunrise or sunset sides of the island.


The Finolhu experience is designed to be private and laid back, but there are plenty of activities and excursions that put guests into the beautiful Maldives natural environment. Guided snorkeling tours are the perfect way to explore the island’s aquatic wonderland. Twice per day trained lifeguards and guides escort small groups out onto the water. Guests can come face to face with turtles, eagle rays and hundreds of species of fish and coral. For a bigger underwater experience, the crew at Fun Sports provide a range of tailored experiences specifically for Finolhu guests.

The extended snorkeling excursion takes place via a high-speed motor boat. The short boat ride takes guests to a sandy cay where you’ll be able to snorkel in aquarium–like conditions. Visibility is incredible in the still, clear water and the size of the fish schools and variety of colors and textures is almost overwhelming. After a quick walk around the tiny sandy island that has formed around this coral reef, you’ll head off to new snorkeling spot with underwater drop offs that look like the edge of a tectonic plate next to towers of coral.


Keen fishers are also spoilt for choice around Finolhu. While those in our snorkeling party continued to explore the coral outcrop, my guide took me to check out a spot close by famed for its Giant Trevally. Casting large lures into the hot zone resulted in a huge surface strike from an apex predator. Returning to the snorkeling party, we became surrounded by dozens of spinner dolphins delighted that our boat was creating waves for them to explode from. These acrobatic athletes put on a show until it was time to head back to paradise in time for afternoon cocktails.


When it comes to dining, the resort’s main overwater restaurant is somewhere between fine dining and smart casual. Sitting along the sprawling balconies the views are sublime across the atoll, look directly below and the waters are teeming with life. For the spa lovers, the overwater treatment rooms provide a view of the ocean below while you are enjoying your therapy.


Finolhu is the perfect place to reconnect with your significant other and with your own inner peace. There is no hectic pace and the sheer beauty and stillness of the lagoon is soothing and seductive. With time on your hands in paradise, a week away can do wonders. By the end of the trip, I was moving in Maldivian time: calm, unhurried and relaxed. There are many tropical getaways available to the discerning traveler, but if you believe that less really is more, Club Med Finolhu should be your next travel destination.

Dan Avila

Dan lives in the coastal city of Fremantle, Western Australia. Dan is a press credentialed photo-journalist with International Federation of Journalists and is a full writer member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers. Dan is a frequent traveler across the globe, camera in hand - shooting unique people and places. Dan is frequently contracted to shoot images for high-end resorts as well as fashion, bands, commercial shoots etc and is a commissioned travel writer for magazines, newspapers and travel websites. Dan's articles always feature strong images designed to elicit an emotional response from the reader with a distinct concentration on luxury and unique travel experiences. You can follow Dan on facebook at ...(Read More)

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