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Villas of Distinction

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If you are looking to book your next luxury vacation and are hoping to find something unique, then be sure to check out Villas of Distinction. They have locations in the southwestern United States and all of the most popular leisure destinations you can imagine, including the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii.

The luxury villa provider will help you find the most ideal vacation home based on your needs, preferences and family size. “We provide quite an array of product and service main leisure destinations like the Caribbean, Hawaii, Italy, France and Thailand and the southwestern United States. We also have a private island in Tahiti and the Caribbean and are always looking to expand the product line,” said Steve Lassman, vice president and general manager for Villas of Distinction.

“Everything we do is to enhance customer loyalty because we are looking to make customers for life. Every person on our team works to create a remarkable experience for the customer. That’s what makes us so unique. Our team enjoys talking to the same families and watching their kids grow up over the years. We are unique in that we strive for that loyalty and provide an upscale product with incredible value.”

There are currently more than 5,000 villas in the company’s portfolio, including over 30 destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, France, Italy, Greece, Grenada, Tahiti, and the United States. Each villa ranges in size from one to 20 bedrooms and most of them are equipped with pools, butlers, maids and chefs. “All of our villas provide an authentic local experience and there are no two that are alike,” Lassman said. “If you wake up at a typical hotel, you might forget what city you are in because most hotel rooms all look the same.”

Why would someone prefer to rent a villa instead of resort accommodations? “A villa provides greater value,” Lassman noted. “The food and beverage costs are significantly lower; a villa has private pools instead of fighting for a chair at a resort pool and for dining, there is a table ready all the time so you also don’t have to fight for a reservation. They all have a personalized staff so it’s great for anyone, but if you have a family, you have all of this extra space instead of a hotel room. The kids could be playing in the den, the father in the office doing some work and the mother could be sitting out by the pool while the butler is preparing lunch.”

When booking your vacation, the villa specialists can also coordinate certain requests such as car rentals, grocery pre-stocking, and chef services to ensure all the details are set for your arrival. “We understand that a vacation has a long life span from the minute someone books the trip to when they are there posting photos on social media to when they return and people are still talking about that fabulous trip they took,” Lassman said. “It’s really a three to four month cycle that people will start and continue to talk about their vacation.”

Each villa specialist also has not only an intimate knowledge of the area but also the villas themselves. “Everyone on the team has been in the travel industry for a number of years as well,” said Bobbi Owen, manager of villa reservations for Villas of Distinction. “We have all traveled extensively and the team is extremely experienced. For the southwest villas, they are located at Sanctuary Resort so they have the benefit of being at a resort with fine dining on property, swimming pools, spa along with hiking and golf courses in the area. We really rely on local representation and attention to details.” Visit to learn more.
Villas of Distinction

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