Subterranean Luxury in Switzerland
Villa Vals

Usually when people think of luxury villas they think of pampering, relaxation, and maybe a flashy architectural appearance. Maybe they're in the heart of a famous city or off on a tropical island with sandy beaches, but the idea is usually the same. Sometimes you may want to deviate from the expected and stay somewhere that is a unique surprise. Set in Vals, Switzerland, Villa Vals is a house completely immersed in the mountainside, with only the central patio able to be seen above ground. Located incredibly close to Vals' world famous thermal baths, the dwelling is the height of privacy and gorgeous views. Surrounded by green meadows (or snowy hilltops depending on the season), this 1,700-square-foot villa will probably come as a surprise to some but we'll be shocked if you don't immediately want to move in.

Mila Pantovich

An avid traveler, Mila Pantovich splits her time between San Diego, CA and Banff, AB Canada. She has been featured in several publications, including Huffington Post and Citizine, and also works in marketing for a prestigious law firm. Follow her travels on Instagram: @MilaPantovich ...(Read More)

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