22nd Century Living: The Future Is Here & It Comes In A Box

The term ‘affordable housing’ has been populating the news for years, and for an unfortunate reason. For the average, hard-working family, the concept of an affordable and inspiring living situation is a 21st century apparition, a promise of the past that is nowhere to be found in today’s market. Consider California as a telling example, where more than 66,000 Los Angeles residents are experiencing homelessness, and nearly 600,000 low-income residents are spending 90% of their income on rent.

Now, in the aftershock of COVID-19, flexible living has taken on a whole different meaning, and it’s only amplifying the urgency for new market solutions. Added to the desire for financial freedom is the COVID-era craving for space that can transform to meet the new normal. Flexibility is the official 2020 market driver, and people are looking for new ways to be inspired: a separate at-home office to escape the kitchen table work day, a peace-filled yoga studio with a meditation pod, or the house adjacent gym of their dreams. More than anything, people need the space to take a breath and rejuvenate.

Enter The ADU

The ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, has come to the market offering new solutions. ADUs are independent living quarters that sparked early interest as a promising solution to the need for affordable housing—a way to maximize existing infrastructure by adding a second home to earn rental income, or to rent in an affordable way.

ADUs continued to rise in popularity as an attractive solution for secondary space. In many places, California included, legislation changed to make the construction of these secondary units more available. The units became known as the in-law unit or ‘granny flat’, as homeowners across the country used the space to care for elderly loved ones.

This year, creativity and innovation have flooded the ADU market. Units are no longer just affordable, they’re luxurious oases that are elevating consumer standards across the board. “The first step was to make simple living affordable—everyone deserves four walls, a roof, a place to call their own at a cost that’s manageable,” remarks Paolo Tiramani, Founder and CEO of Boxabl. “Now, luxury is also an important focus. We want people to be inspired by their space.”

Observing the COVID-19 market, Tiramani understood that our ways of living would be forever changed. Luxury today means having all the space we need right in our own homes, to accommodate the myriad activities of our lives that used to happen in the outside world.  Now, Boxabl is a force that’s changing its industry, bringing high quality, luxe homes to the ADU market. A construction technology company with a patented automobile-style production approach, Boxabl makes higher quality homes, faster, and for a fraction of the price.

The Casita: Endless Possibilities

It’s time to unlearn the notion that luxury has to come at a cost. For only $49K, Boxabl’s Casita unit is designed for life-giving inspiration. With a kitchen fully furnished with a full-sized refrigerator, a host-ready dining area, an in-unit washer/dryer and a complete bathroom, the Casita layout makes full use of its 20x20 layout. With a separated sleeping area and all amenities included—heating and cooling too—this kind of unit has never felt more like home.

Boxabl’s innovation doesn’t end there. With patented foldable technology, the units come in the form of a box, easily transported and placed with precision on any corner of a lot. Multiple units can be combined in an endless array of possibilities, snapping together like LEGO blocks to build any size or layout imaginable. With a record-setting install time of less than an hour, Boxabl units connect without setting anything in stone, allowing people to adapt their spaces as life does what life does—change.

When Disaster Strikes: Relief & Recovery

Each Boxabl unit is built to weather any storm, using cutting-edge technology that makes them wind, fire, water, snow and mold resistant. But if 2020 has imparted a lesson, it’s that people can never really be over-prepared. Boxabl units offer new possibilities for our collective disaster management. Units can be rapidly deployed to serve as hospitals, shelters, schools, and quarantine pods for those needing to keep their distance.

“If Boxabl units are dispatched the next time disaster strikes, our next relief effort could be both immediate and cost-efficient,” adds Paolo, reflecting on the inevitability of hard times. “In a crisis, time and money are often the most limited resources—this kind of boost in efficiency can save lives.”

Bringing new possibilities to disaster response, the units are also designed to change the way communities recover in the wake of the emergency. When the disaster passes, Boxabl’s units can be converted into high quality, upscale, permanent housing solutions for members of the victimized community. Units can be replaced in any arrangement, and community leaders can coordinate an ideal repurposing of the space—because when life deals a bad hand, no one should have to start all the way over.

People’s lives have never been more flexible—it’s important that their spaces adapt as they do. Boxabl can be used to provide shelter, save lives, and offer new inspiration in personalized ways. Crises like this one remind people that time is a non-renewable resource—no one should have to wait to start designing their dream space, and there’s simply never been a better way.

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