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About Kristi Dosh

I'm a former corporate attorney who transformed my career through blogging, leaving my practice to serve as a sports business analyst for outlets such as Forbes, ESPN, Fox Sports and more. I'm currently a regular contributor with Forbes (sports business, including sports-related travel), POPSUGAR (travel), and Entrepreneur (personal branding). As a freelance writer, I've written for such outlets as Glamour, Men's Health, Golf Digest, Woman's Day, Parents, The Street, Miles Geek, Microshiner and more. I speak annually at Great Escape Publishing's Ultimate Travel Writing Workshop, presenting day-long intensive workshops on creating and growing a social media presence as a travel writer. I also create other courses and content for them throughout the year. I currently live in my former favorite place to travel, Amelia Island in Florida, with my husband, three cats and German Shepherd.

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