Original MOONSHINE: White Lightning Bottled

Fine Spirits: I recently discovered what has since become my new favorite whiskey, while dining at Craft in Los Angeles. I had ordered the "Bees Knees," a drink featuring Original MOONSHINE, simple syrup made with honey and Luxardo Maraschino specially infused with Chamomile tea.

Delicious!! One of the best cocktails I had enjoyed in awhile, I was impressed by how smooth the drink went down. Hats off to the cocktail specialist for mixing a great drink and introducing me to such an intriguing whiskey.

The good folks at Stillhouse Distillery in Virginia have successfully created a clear corn whiskey, which is perfect on the rocks and works in a number of different cocktails.

Distilled four times in a special Prohibition-era copper pot still, Original MOONSHINE is charcoal filtered, creating a smooth and distinct taste that still packs a nice punch.

Another nice element, Original MOONSHINE is a gluten-free product that leaves you feeling pretty good the next day, despite any over indulgence. (Which is easy to do with this product.)

The only negative aspect to the whiskey is that it is currently not available at any retail locations in the US. You can however find out which fine restaurants and drinking establishments are serving it up by visiting

So impressed I was by this product, that I challenged myself to create an original cocktail from this distinct spirit. My goal was to stick with a Less is More mindset with my creation; I wanted to preserve the taste of the spirit, creating a drink that simply compliments the flavor of the whiskey.

  • 4 CL Original MOONSHINE
  • 4 CL Organic Honey Lavender Simple Syrup
1. Combine Original MOONSHINE with simple syrup in a shaker with ice.
2. Shake vigorously.
3. Pour over three large ice cubes.
4. Garnish with a lavender sprig. Optionally, if you like a fizz to your drink, add a couple splashes of soda water.

How to create the lavender simple syrup. (This will make you enough for several cocktails)
  • 1 Cup Filtered Water
  • 1 Cup Organic Honey
1. Bring the water to a boil.
2. Add one cup organic honey and stir until dissolved completely
3. Stir in one cup of freshly picked lavender leaves (don't pack it down, just enough the fill the cup)
4. Turn off heat, cover and let stand for 45 minutes.
5. Strain out the lavender, transfer into a bottle/container and place in the fridge overnight.
(Or, if you’re really thirsty, throw it in the freezer until It chills)

If you don't like mine, visit the Original MOONSHINE site, which provides a number of delicious recipes.

Shine On!!!

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