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Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to the luxury lifestyle, we like to think that we know a thing or two.

Best Fine Spirits
Best Fine Spirits

Absinthe | Larusée Bleue

Upon opening a bottle of Larusée, you are treated with a universe of complex flavors. You'll find a perfect balance of finely selected herbs and spices like anise star and fennel. Larusée Bleue is a seductive and refreshingly captivating absinthe. Produced by hand, it is described as subtle, yet complex and with a round note. Larusée is playing a key role in uniting absinthe with the fine, hand-made products of the highest quality.

Best Fine Spirits

Vodka | Woody Creek Reserve Strobrawa Vodka

Woody Creek Distillers is the first and only craft distillery in the United States with control over every element of vodka production. WCD grows its own potatoes at Scanlan Family Farm in Woody Creek, Colorado, and sources local fruits, grains and mountain spring water to produce its line of ultra-premium American spirits. It's also the only distillery in North America to grow Stobrawa potatoes for vodka, having worked with two universities to obtain the seed. This Polish potato is revered for its composition and flavor, creating the finest vodka in the world.

Best Fine Spirits

Cognac | Louis Royer Extra Grande Champagne Cognac

A divine composition, a summit of elegance, an explosion of the purest aromatic notes, harmoniously blended with the finest Grande Champagne Cognacs. Louis Royer Extra is the absolute and intimate expression of all the producer's savoir-faire. This art has been handed down through generations of Master Selectors and Master Blenders. Throughout each stage of its development, it is subject to the most delicate attention and constant care, a combination of discipline, love, passion and the science of Cognac. It is the result of precise and exhaustive search within the heart of the Cognac region.

Best Fine Spirits

Tequila Añejo | Alquimia Organic Extra Añejo Tequila

The Reserva de Don Adolfo Extra Añejo is aged for 6 years in oak barrels. Our newest product, this is a new classification of tequila. This sipping tequila is described as a "cognac-like" spirit. It has a beautiful rich gold color with a thick body. The aromas are dominated by cinnamon, herbs, and spices. Very robust on the palate, it has a bold and vibrant complexity. A long sweet, spicy, exotic fruit finish is best savored slowly.

Best Fine Spirits

Whiskey | Midleton Barry Crockett Irish Whiskey

Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey is Ireland's most exclusive whiskey. Only a small number of casks are hand-selected by the Master Distiller at the Midleton Distillery each year. The whiskeys in Midleton Very Rare are aged between 12 and 25 years and are matured exclusively in special, individually selected bourbon-seasoned American oak casks. It is a unique taste sensation with fruits, honey and floral nuances all evident. Every year, each bottle of Midleton has its own serial number, and is personally signed by the Master Distiller to indicate guaranteed superior quality.

Best Fine Spirits

Rum | Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Rum

The Appleton Estate has been creating the finest rums in Jamaica's lush Nassau Valley since 1749. Each rum is handcrafted from start to finish and masterfully blended to offer rich aromas and complex flavors. The 21 Year Old Rum is a connoisseur-worthy blend the finest aged rums. Each rum is carefully selected by Appleton Estate's Master Blender for its unique character, flavor and bouquet. They are then blended to create a beautiful copper appearance with spicy and wooded notes. It's truly a sipping rum of the highest order.

Best Fine Spirits

Blended Scotch | Royal Salute 38 Year Old Scotch

Crafted from whiskies aged for no less than 38 years, this unique blend shares its name with the Stone of Destiny, that legendary and enigmatic Coronation stone of the ancient Scottish Kings. Royal Salute 38 Years Old Stone of Destiny is presented in a distinctive porcelain granite-effect flagon, crafted by Révol in France. Such an evocatively elemental setting is enhanced by a hand-crafted 24 carat gold plated crest commemorating the arms of Scottish brave-hearted warriors. It is, quite literally, history in the making. Not unlike the 38-year epic journey of the whisky from the distillery to your palate, those fortunate enough to savor a dram would have been justified in addressing themselves with the ancient Scottish toast: "Here's to us. Who's like us? Fair few."

Best Fine Spirits

Mezcal | Illegal Añejo Mezcal

Ilegal Mezcal is produced in small lots, with each bottle hand corked, labeled, and numbered. There are no additives, no artificial yeast, and no artificial coloring. The Añejo Mezcal is aged for 13 months in a blend of American and French oak and is a gorgeous spirit, rivaling the world's finest scotches and cognacs. Ilegal is a perfect balance of espadín agave flavors and light smoke. The company believe that mezcal is about the agave first, with smoke being a subtle accent. The result is a mezcal that is true to tradition and beyond compare.

Best Fine Spirits

Scotch | Glenmorangie 25 Year Old

The rarest and oldest member of the Glenmorangie family, this is a single malt of notable class and intensity. Full bodied and sumptuous, the Glenmorangie 25 Years Old is the real embodiment of the distillery's continued dedication to perfection. Matured in a range of casks including American white oak, Oloroso sherry casks and French Burgundy casks before being blended back together in exact quantities, the scotch is complex, bursting with deep flavors, and a perfect testimony to Glenmorangie's knowledge and experience.

Best Fine Spirits

Tequila | Espiritu Del Viento, The Promise Silver Tequila

The Promise is a white premium tequila that is packed to the brim with earthy and fruity flavors. With traces of agave, peach, citruses, banana, green apple and more, The Promise does more than hint at a bold, smooth taste — it delivers. The artisanal, hand-decorated ceramic bottle that takes 27 hours to complete. The sanded, handcrafted wooden container is a work of art much like the tequila it holds.