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Best Sexy Lingerie
Best Sexy Lingerie


Produced in Colombia, Chamela lingerie is known for being on the cutting edge of the industry, ensuring women feel over-the-top sexy, but extremely comfortable at the same time. Their intimate wear not only hugs all the right places, but supports them too.

Best Sexy Lingerie


The Eres "savoir-faire" combines textile technology with a pure, refined and sophisticated style. Eres' concept is to enhance the body without artifice, to adapt to all figures and individual personalities and to combine luxury, creativity and timelessness in all of their collections.

Who loves it: Models Tiah Eckhardt and Lara Stone

Best Sexy Lingerie

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur was conceived on the idea that women needed to stop wearing drab undergarments and start donning fashion-forward, colorful lingerie that would make them feel both powerful, yet demure. Their lingerie is an opulent range of inspirational creations, designed to intensify life's pleasures and unlock a woman's innermost desires.

Who loves it: Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra

Best Sexy Lingerie

I.D. Sarrieri

With so much soul and heart, the I.D. Sarrieri brand evokes sex, seduction, and extravagance. At the age of 25, Lulia Dobrin purchased a 55 year old lingerie factory and transformed it into the famous luxury lingerie brand it is today. Featuring highly sophisticated designs, with the best and most refined French and Italian silk satins and lace, I.D. Sarrieri will continue to tempt the provocative.

Who loves it: Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman

Best Sexy Lingerie

La Perla

La Perla is internationally acclaimed as the leader in fine lingerie recognized for their exquisite level of taste, sophistication and quality unparalleled by any other. Since its birth in the early 1940s, La Perla has been defined by artistic mastery, steeped in historical traditions of culture and craftsmanship and notorious for their uncompromising perfection.

Who loves it: Katie Holmes and Oprah

Best Sexy Lingerie


Intenzioni's new sumptuously rich collection straight from Italy is the brainchild of known La Perla artist and craftswoman Emanuela Brizzi. Her introduction to the American market combines the brilliance in technical design found at the highest level of luxury lingerie combined with the keen eye for detail and sophistication synonymous with Italian design.

Who loves it: Leighton Meester

Best Sexy Lingerie

Guia La Bruna

Guia la Bruna lingerie is known for its fun, frisky, youthful play on shapes and colors. Guia followed in the footsteps of her father as a lingerie designer, and wanted to put a modern twist on classic designs. She prides herself on using only the highest quality fabrics, her favorite being silk muslin for the way it falls perfectly on the body.

Best Sexy Lingerie


Exclusively made in Italy, Parah is devoted to producing the most innovative, quality materials, patterns and detailing. Parah's aim is to make garments that bring comfort and fashion together. Year after year Parah creates a line-up of refined, precious and persuasive lingerie.

Who loves it: Model Elena Santarelli

Best Sexy Lingerie

Andres Sarda

Andres Sarda was born in Barcelona and his designs reflect a pool of knowledge garnered from a family connected to textile companies since the late 19th century. Sarda creates collections that tempt and seduce women to wear his beautiful and elegant lingerie collections all of the time. His lingerie is supremely chic offering both style and comfort.

Who loves it: Model Eugenia Silva

Best Sexy Lingerie


Bordelle is an unconventional and sultry fusion between lingerie and outerwear. Known for their lustrous, strappy panels and unexpected combination of playful details with serious and strict designs, their look is truly like nothing else. Pure lust and true craftsmanship come together in these made-to-be-seen pieces.

Who loves it: Lady Gaga

Best Sexy Lingerie


According to the brand, much like a tuxedo is a wardrobe staple and symbol of elegance for a man, so is Chantelle Lingerie for a woman. The Parisian esthetic shows through in the use of quality fabrics, graphic silhouettes, and precise craftsmanship. Since 1876, Chantelle has developed imaginative color palettes for collections that represent luxury in their signature French style.

Who loves it: Stephanie Seymour

Best Sexy Lingerie

Fleur of England

Since its launch in 2000, Fleur of England has established new trends in the lingerie market continuing to set themselves apart from other design labels. Fleur of England has become one of the premier lingerie companies with their signature hand-drawn prints, contemporary and eccentric styles, quality of materials used, and attention to fit.

Who loves it: Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler and Katy Perry

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