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Best Romantic Vacation Destinations
Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

Marrakech | Morocco

Gorgeous, exotic and romantic, Marrakech offers beautiful architecture and a wealth of cultural heritage to discover. Mysterious mosques, authentic Morroccan shopping and five-star hotels ensure that a couple won't run out of things to do. Marrakech boasts the largest souk (outdoor market) in all of Morocco, it's a perfect place to shop for berber rugs, spices and other goods. A vacation to Marrakech must include a visit to a Hammam (or Turkish Bath), and a couple can easily spend days strolling the streets of the more interesting and ancient parts of the city, discovering architecture that dates back to the 11th century.

Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

Santorini | Greece

Santorini is probably the most famous island of the Cyclades and one of the most renowned as well as one of the most renowned islands in the world. Santorini presents a unique geological phenomenon, as today it's just a part of what has been left from the initial island (Stroggyli), which was submerged into the sea after the eruption of its volcano during the 16th century B.C. The island is attractive, full of secrets and unknown beauties and continues to have one of the most breathtaking sunsets on the planet. The region is also also famous for its local production of wine as the vines have been cultivated since ancient times. Wine and a stellar sunset, what could be more romantic?

Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

Niagara Falls | Ontario, Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada is a destination unlike any other. From the top of Skylon Tower (775 feet up) to the base of Horseshoe Falls (188 feet down), Niagara Falls is an awe-inspiring Ontario, Canada vacation destination. The Falls give off a round-the-clock roar, a refreshing and surprisingly far-reaching mist, and a reminder of just how wondrous our natural world is. The new Niagara Falls, Canada ? with eclectic restaurants, contemporary hotels, and electrifying attractions ? is a true Canadian vacation destination for couples. Grown ups have upscale hotels, modern casinos, nightlife and concerts, fine dining, golf courses and spas, and wine country is just down the road.

Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

Bora Bora | French Polynesia

Romantics from around the world have laid claim to this island where the castle-like Mount Otemanu pierces the sky. Lush tropical slopes and valleys blossom with hibiscus, while palm-covered motu circle the illuminated lagoon like a delicate necklace. Perfect white-sand beaches give way to emerald waters where colored fish animate the coral gardens as they greet the giant manta rays. This could be easily be described as the center of the romantic universe, where luxury resorts and spas dot the island with overwater bungalows, thatched-roof villas, and fabled ambience.

Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

Venice | Italy

Venice, the fairytale city created by human ingenuity ascends the laws of nature. The area in and around Venice is a realm of culture, art and civilization that coalesces to create a unique and exceptional human experience. Venice, the city in the sea, was first settled because it was inaccessible to the invaders, but today it is easy to reach thanks to its terminals, by road, rail, sea or air. From whichever direction it is approached, the city will reveal itself to the visitor in all its splendor.

Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

Prague | Czech Republic

A walk through the narrow, gaslamp-lighted streets, a kiss under a tree in blossom in a Baroque garden, a cruise on a historical steamship, night time at a castle or chateau, a ride on a steam train, a wedding in a chateau park? All of these are ingredients in the cocktail that is Prague. And it's up to every visitor which ingredients to add. Undulating topography gives Prague its inimitable beauty and its stunning panoramic views; Prague's many hills provide some stunning vistas. The city's huge number of towers led to the city being called "the city of a hundred spires" several centuries ago, and at present there are around 500 towers in the city.

Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

Napa Valley | California

Napa Valley is one of the premier travel destinations in the world. Breathtaking views abound at every turn ? mustard in the late winter, picturesque rolling hills planted with vineyards year-round and wineries of every stature dot the landscape. Whether you are wine tasting, dining at renowned restaurants like the French Laundry, pampering yourself with a mud bath in Calistoga, or just enjoying your stay at quaint bed & breakfasts, hotels or resorts ... Napa Valley is your spot of heaven on earth.

Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

Paris | France

Paris: luxury, romance and delight. From great classics to the latest in luxury, romance and elegance is omnipresent in Paris. From exquisite cuisine over a candlelit table at a Michelin-starred establishments, to the breathtaking views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, the City of Lights creates a beautiful backdrop for an unforgettable date night. Romance abounds from city's places of grandeur like The Louvre, Palais Garnier, Palace of Versailles and Notre Dame Cathedral to small hole-in-the-wall cafes. We simply cannot argue with Paris' title of one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

Quebec City | Quebec, Canada

You'd be hard-pressed to find a destination as lovely and charming as Québec City. Old Québec is a UNESCO world heritage site sprinkled with historical treasures like the picturesque Château Frontenac, the Plains of Abraham and Place Royale. From military history to religious history, the stunning Notre-Dame-de-Québec Basilica-Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the Jesuits Chapel, and St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church also add a romantic charm to the city. After stopping off at one of the city's many museums or landmarks, take a walking tour or a horse-drawn carriage ride to get a true feel for this unique district. Fine dining and shopping are an art form in Québec, particularly along rue Saint-Jean and rue Saint-Louis, where European charm adds a dash of flair to any outing.