Indulge in Your Morning Coffee With the illy X1 Anniversary Edition Espresso Machine

illy X1 Anniversary Edition Espresso Machine

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Since 1933, the Italian coffee experts at illy have been brewing the perfect cup. The world’s most global coffee brand is intensely committed to offering the world’s greatest coffee with its unique 100 percent Arabica blend made of nine of the world’s best selections—all from sustainable, fair-trade farming partners. Every day, more than seven million cups are sipped in more than 140 countries, making illy the king of premium espresso and the leader in coffee science and technology.

To bring out the best qualities of illy’s blend, founder Francesco Illy invented the “illeta” which was awarded a 1935 patent for the first espresso machine to use an automatic water dosing with high pressure. Fast forward to the 1990s when Luca Trazzi created the X1, a museum-worthy example of Italian form and function that instantly became a design icon and set the bar for in-home espresso machines.

The new X1 Anniversary edition pays homage to the original Trazzi design, but has been cleverly updated with enhanced curves, an adjustable cup-rest, a chic, black thermometer gauge, and, most notably, the ability to brew both espresso and drip coffee. The X1’s steam wand froths milk for cappuccino and latte lovers, while easy-use options include a memory function for cup volume, and automatic descaling and flow-stop programs. Unlike drip and percolation coffee makers, the X1’s use of the exclusive illy unique Iperespresso capsule extracts the coffee in two phases: infusion and emulsion. The result is a full-bodied espresso of professional-barista quality and consistency, with a delicious crema that sets illy apart from all other capsule machines. There’s virtually no clean up necessary, and to make the process guilt-free, Iperespresso and brewed coffee capsules are recyclable through illy’s RENEW program.  

Sold online and at illy caffè bars and shops, illy The X1 Anniversary Edition for the Iperespresso system is available in three finishes: stainless steel, matte black and red.



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