Your Guide to 2010 Designer Holiday Cards & Gift-wrap

Luxury Gift-giving: Gifting can be an art form. From the thoughtfully chosen item to the way you choose to package it, every little touch makes the recipient feel that much more special. So, we wanted to ensure that your loved ones — or the boss you are dying to impress — know exactly just how thoughtful you are. Armed with the resources below, you will be sure to knock everyone’s socks off this holiday season...before they even unwrap your present. Just make sure you check out our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide to ensure that what’s inside is equally as impressive.

Author of The Wrapping Scarf Revolution, artist Patricia Lee drew upon her Korean heritage to create BOBO wrap. Literally the Korean word for “wrapping scarves,“ these multi-functional, reusable accessories are a wonderful way to gift-wrap. Without the need for scissors, tape, or any other tool, the BOBO wrapping scarves offer a beautiful presentation unlike any paper or disposable gift-wrap on the market. The scarves can be reused as a bag, wine carrier and much more. Worried about just how to use one? Not to worry, Lee’s website provides useful how-to’s.

Snail’s Pace
Since 1867 the monks at southern Indiana’s Saint Meinrad Archabbey have been devoting their lives to their faith, teaching theology and printing. Today they create gift-wrap, cards and accessories that are both lovely as well as earth-friendly. Snail’s Pace states that: “The paper we use in our on-site printing facility is manufactured using wind power and is made carbon neutral through the purchase of Verified Emission Reduction credits. Even our packaging puts the earth first—from the plant-based, compostable bags we put our cards in, to the recycled boxes, bags, packing materials and tape we use to ship your order.” The greeting card art itself reflects the world around us, featuring nature. The Christmas designs incorporate old Saint Nicholas, wintery themes, holly berries, angels and more.

Luxe Paperie
If you only just entered the world of trying to find the best, most unique or most interesting gift garb, you may have yet to hear of the Luxe Paperie. This is a wonderful resource for finding many boutique press companies offering original designs. You won’t find cookie-cutter cards here. This is a one-stop shop for not just cards but wrap, boxes, stationary, gift enclosures and more. In fact if you are planning a holiday dinner party, check out the placeholders, invitations…even party favors.

Smythson is one of the utmost brands in luxury paper products. Since 1887, the company's goods have been fit for royalty: creations have been made for the Imperial Families of Japan, the Prince of Abyssinia, and the Governors of Bengal, Bombay and Madras. In the early part of the 20th century the Maharajas of India also sought Smythson out. For the holidays, the paperie's designs offer a modern simplicity that has seemingly inspired card-makers everywhere this season. From the very beginning, Frank Smythson founded his store with the intent of offering “first-class stationary.” Today that legacy continues.

Vera Wang
Who other than the queen of weddings, and by extension wedding invitations, to have a fantastic line of holiday cards? Utilizing classic engraving and letterpress, the Vera Wang line offers sophisticated designs that will either stand alone with understated elegance or feature a photo, with the perfect embellishment. Of course many of the designs can be personalized with additional printing or engraving. The holidays are the time of year our thoughts turn to all of the loved ones in your life, why not send them designer greeting cards for an extra special touch? If you are fan of Vera Wang, you’ll want to check these out.

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