J.R. Ewing’s Yacht in the Sky

J.R. Ewing’s Yacht

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If you delight in yacht views but aren’t quite up for the motion of the ocean, then you might fancy the luxury penthouse at One Zero One Ocean in Santa Monica, California. According to Pegasus News, this exclusive residence was owned by the legendary and recently departed Larry Hagman — or J.R. Ewing as he was best known to Dallas fans — and was designed to mimic the interior and views of a million-dollar yacht.

Resplendent with an uninterrupted, panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows along the length of the home, it features a helm-like living room, two bedrooms, and three baths in 3,000 square feet of living space. Although new owners might want to update some of the more interesting furnishings like the gold-hued bedroom, personally I like the framed money portrait beside one of the bathroom sinks. Also, provided at the complex are a hot-tub and pool.

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