See How Ladies Have Been Dressing for the Gym Over the Last Century, Heels Were Definitely Involved

Photo/Video Credit: Mode Studios

If fitness is a part of your New Year’s resolution (join the club), then you’ve probably picked up some new athletic wear this season. But if halfway through your workout you decide your new tank isn’t moisture wicking enough or you’re getting bored on the treadmill, remember to be thankful you’re not doing lunges in floor-length skirts or collared shirts like ladies in 1910. In the past 100 years, workout clothes (and our favorite methods of exercise) have come a long, long way, and they guys over at Mode Studios have released another viral video that show us exactly how our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers were getting in shape. Heels in 1950? Leotards and Thigh Masters in the ‘90s? It could be worse, ladies, much, much worse.

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