A Day in India Captures The Life, Culture & Fare of the South Asian Country in Under 4 Minutes

Photo Credit & Video Credit: The Perennial Plate

When Slumdog Millionaire first came out in 2008, it was the first time I really began to consider traveling to India. For many of you, however, I’m sure the South Asian country crossed your mind long before Hollywood took ahold of it. But for those of you who still may need more convincing, this under four-minute video from The Perennial Plate might just do the trick.

Filmed over three weeks and compiled into a one-day time frame, the video captures everything from the busy markets filled with locals and tourists, to children happily playing in the streets and cows hanging about the town unimpressed by the passerbyers. But the best part? All the delicious food that is captured throughout the film.

Also, this year, Virtuoso—an international luxury travel agency network specializing in experimental travel—named India as one of its “Hot 10” countries. These are destinations seeing the biggest jump in year-over-year bookings and places more seasoned travelers will be venturing to in 2016. So, we’re not telling you what to do, but sounds like a trip to India may just be in your future anyway. 

Nicolle Monico

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