Stein Eriksen Lodge in Winter

Returning to Stein Eriksen Lodge, Deer Valley: A Recent Winter Adventure.

Apr. 12th, 2023

Stein Eriksen Lodge and Residences define the meaning of legacy, as it is named for Stein Eriksen himself, who lived many years in the heart of Deer Valley, Utah, at the lodge named after him.  This Lodge is three miles north from Park City, whose altitude lies between 6570 and 9570 feet. The Stein Erikson Lodge lies in the middle, at 8100 feet. We landed there is the most relevant winter -- in terms of consistent snowfall-- since recorded time there. 500 plus inches, and when we were there, still falling. 

Doug Burke - Stein Eriksen Lodge

The suite where we resided was exceptional, as there were two fireplaces, an outdoor hot tub, in the master bathroom a large soaking bathtub, and shower, as well near the bedroom and living room was a full kitchen.  Our transportation, with gleaming silver Lincoln Navigators took us from place to place, then upon our return, we went in our lobby, and felt again the warmth of woodburning fireplaces, the scent of leather chairs, mingled with bowls of fresh Gala and Winesap apples, with pitchers of hot chocolate not far away. 

Stein Eriksen Lodge

Resting on deep leather lobby chairs, we also noticed the guests this resort attracted:  multi-generational, from the most dedicated, resolute, skiing adults to families with little skiers -- all well attended to, as not only is the lodge ski-in, ski-out, but has ski butlers, ski concierges, and ski guides to support guests from the most inexperienced to the most surefooted -- going down and across-- from downhill to cross country-- with access to heli-skiing and snowmobiling. 

Stein Eriksen Lodge

The resort was founded by Stein Erikson himself, a person born in Oslo, Norway -- and no doubt always felt the needful communion with snow and the great outdoors.  He is known for winning multiple Olympic gold for Men’s Giant slalom, Eriksen was the first male alpine ski racer from outside the Alps to win an Olympic gold medal. He also won three gold medals at the 1954 World Championships in Åre, Sweden.[4]  Other accomplishments include being credited with devising "aerials", a freestyle skiing event, and helping revolutionize the world of alpine skiing in the United States. For his Olympic medals, Eriksen earned the Holmenkollen Medal in 1952. And his resort has also won multiple awards: the World’s Best Ski Hotel and Utah’s only Forbes Five-Star hotel and spa, multiple years running. 

Stein Eriksen, skiing in his 80's - Stein Eriksen Lodge

We were gratified, several years ago, to meet Mr. Eriksen when he was in his 80’s, at the Trophy Case -- showing all his trophies and medals inside the Lodge. not for an interview, but just to meet this man -- who was in better shape in his 80’s than we will ever be in our 80’s. Or 50’s. It was said that he skied every day he could, until he passed peacefully, a few years ago, at 88.   What he left was a living resort legacy, one that is now a four-season destination that combines all dimensions of Winter sports, but in Spring and Summer, much activity abides as well:  mountain hiking, mountain biking, open air music festivals and golf. 

Sleigh Riding at Stein Eriksen

When we were there, with the 500 inches of snow, we knew: for those who ski, it was paradise found.  For those who snowmobiled, it was the experience of a lifetime. 

Snowmobiling with the Wasatch Back mountains in background.

On one day in late afternoon, we accepted an invitation by Summit Meadow Adventures, about ½ hour from Stein Eriksen, to go on their hardy Ski-Doos, far into the snowfields of Wasatch Back mountain range. The Wasatch Back is a region in the northern Rocky Mountains that includes Park City, Deer Valley, and other towns where snow tubing, skiing, and snowboarding is wintertime de rigueur.  This area is true white wilderness, with crisp white snow un-jutted, clear of ski or animal tracks.  We went deep into snow territory, watching much of the Wasatch Back peaks become silver, as ice were forming because it was getting warmer that afternoon. We understood yet again, as we observed the virgin landscape, the meaning, rarely felt, of winter serenity, replete with needful silence and grace.

Jim Fairchild - Stein Eriksen Lodge

But then came dinner in an AlpenGlobe. These unique, clear domes offer a climate-controlled and fully enclosed atmosphere with a panoramic Deer Valley view. When we were there, we saw sleigh rides drawn by horses. Our hostess said much of the time, these were ordered when gentlemen would propose to his intended in the sleigh. Romantic beyond belief as we sat in the AlpenGlobe, observing. And of course, eating. 

The food served in the AlpenGlobe was from the Troll Hallen menu -- the menu was NOT created by Norwegian trolls, but from multiple executive chefs. The food at Stein Eriksen was always substantial, partly because when skiing, or snowmobiling, or even hiking, the food you eat must allow strength to climb and walk and ski and snowmobile.  So, at Troll Hallen, and one of their major dining venues, Glitretind, named after the second highest mountain in Norway, the cuisine is substantial and delicious.

Chateaux at Deer Valley

The Chateaux at Deer Valley

Stein Eriksen Black Spruce Luxury Home

But there were other options in living, dining, and experiencing Winter, as we learned that the Stein Erikson Lodge and suites is just one part of the Stein Erikson life experience.  There are many luxury options -- the Stein Eriksen residences, the Chateaux at Deer Valley as well as the Stein Collection of Luxury Homes, with rents ranging from $6,000 to $20,000 per night.  All were created to fill the needs of guest winter and summer luxury lives, with experiences that will define legacy --as they will be memorable for multiple generations-- 24-hour concierge, private chefs, meal delivery, transportation, itinerary planning, and whatever else one needs to make the guest correlation between luxury and legacy.

After leaving Stein Eriksen, vivid memories remain, as they always do after a great Winter experience. But what superseded all the great food, the snowmobiling on the Wasatch Back, and skiing and in deep powder, touching the massive icicles glazed by the winter sun, we came to learn and feel for the first time, that Winter can be as festive, and it can be fearsome. We bathed in the joy of this ambivalence, realizing we could spend many future Winters here, reading weather in skyclouds above, while being touched by the shimmering snow below.

The GLITRETIND Restaurant Buffet at Stein Eriksen Lodge

The Exterior Deck at the Lodge, Winter

The Spa Therapy Pool at Stein Eriksen Lodge.

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