3 Amazing Import Sports Cars to Watch for in 2013

This year's Geneva Auto Show featured many new designs that are sure to really rev your engine for 2013. With the return of new and improved models, and the release of completely new designs, 2013 promises to be an exciting year for sports cars. Keep reading for three sports cars you will definitely want to keep your eyes on.

The Audi RS 5

The promised convertible variant of this coupe has finally been delivered. This is a powerful sports car, with 450 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. With the convertible version of this vehicle being just as powerful as the coupe, it is placed in direct competition with the BMW M3. The Audi RS 5 also boasts an impressive maximum speed at 8250 rpm and an enviable 16.9 gallon fuel tank. This sports car isn't just fast and powerful though - it's attractive and comfortable too. This sports car has luxury trim, carbon fiber on the dashboard and gloss paint. Inside, you can relax on alcantara upholstery while enjoying the great audio system through 8 speakers.

2013 BMW 1-Series

2013 will also see the launch of the updated BMW 1-Series. This 3-door model features a kidney grill, frameless windows and exclusive interior design. While this design's aesthetics beat out the looks of its predecessor, the handling of this car is also superior to the previous model. With 320 hp and a 4-cylinder engine, this car has fantastic handling. This power in combination with the refined design makes for a magnificently sporty driving experience.

The New Volvo V40

This is an exciting and much anticipated launch after its 8-year hiatus. This model is replacing the Volvo V50 of 2004, and this new model is a direct competitor of the new BMW 1-Series and the Audi A3. Volvo has always been known for its safety, and this model is in keeping with Volvo's reputation. Included in this car is a pedestrian sensing camera, which invokes automatic braking. But in addition to safety, this model demonstrates that Volvo can be fast and sleek, as well as safe. The Volvo V40 has five cylinder engines and 199 lb-ft of torque making for a smooth drive. This new sports car model also accelerates from 0-62mph in only 6.7 seconds. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on these three sports cars, which are to be launched in 2013. These new releases and updated models are going to be the designs to watch and are sure to compete with the many other high end sports models being released next year.


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