A Unique Whisky Journey On Board the Sensational Royal Scotsman

Whisky Business: If you're like me, you're always looking for a unique travel experience that doesn't necessarily include a 10-mile hike into a remote corner of the world. I am from a generation that travels often, but rarely has the opportunity to truly enjoy the experience of travel. For me, a luxury train journey is an event that keeps me excited about travel and allows for a few brief days to sit back and savor the amenities, services and overall surroundings of the quintessential first-class travel experience of yesteryear. 

What better train experience than The Royal Scotsman by Orient Express. With only an estimated 36 guests on the train, the staff sees to your every need. The cabins are richly decorated and provide an intimate escape during the journey with a private bathroom. The dining cars are exactly what you would expect with rich mahogany paneling and luxurious fabrics, making dining and afternoon tea a delightful experience with true first-class service and delicious menus. Always the perfect location to gather with the other guests, or simply take-in the beautiful scenery, is the elegant, yet very comfortable Observation Car. 

The Royal Scotsman has joined forces with The Scotch Malt Whisky Society to provide a very unique 5-day journey to sincerely experience a piece of Scottish history. This itinerary provides the history, VIP tours and whisky tastings; while also providing rare opportunities to fish the Scottish countryside, enjoy a private tour of Glamis Castle (childhood home of the late HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother) and simply stroll through a charming seaside village. While on board The Royal Scotsman, you'll enjoy their warm hospitality, as well as the company of a Society Whisky Ambassador throughout the journey with more than several occasions to enjoy rare malts for sampling and discussion.

For whisky connoisseurs and novices alike, The Royal Scotsman's Classic Whisky Journey provides a creative approach to fully engross guests in the Scottish whisky heritage while offering a relaxed and indulgent place to relax and relish the moments on board this classic train. For those who want to fully emerge themselves in Scottish heritage during their journey, Kinloch Anderson can even provide guests with a kilt hire. Yes, they've thought of everything.

This specialized tour will depart on September 9, 2013 for a luxurious and educational four-night experience only available to a very select few individuals. Be sure to also take advantage of the current offer, which includes an additional night at the beautiful Balmoral Hotel. I'm certainly not a whisky expert, but with the amenities, staff and out-of-the-box excursion options, this is sure to be an adventure filled with amazing scenery, cuisine, relaxation and a few drinks to celebrate Scottish history in fashion. Sláinte!

Damon M. Banks

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