An Elegant Tokyo Hotel

Even the most basic room in the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo offers up accommodations that surpass even the best suites of other hotels throughout the world. With amazing views of Tokyo and Yoyogi Park and gorgeous modern décor, this hotel offers guests some of the best rooms in Tokyo. As the rooms are complete with high-speed internet, entertainment centers, work areas, large bathtubs and some of the highest quality linens available, going back to one’s room at the end of the day will always provide guests with something to look forward to, whether on vacation or in Tokyo on a business trip.


Furthermore, the Park Hyatt in Tokyo offers up multiple bars and restaurants that provide delicious takes on their various cuisine types. There is something for everyone there and this hotel should be considered by anyone who is planning a trip to Tokyo anytime soon.


3-7-1-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku

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