An infographic to help you decide on your next luxurious vacation?

Infographic Paradise By Marriott

Paradise By Mariott has dedicated its efforts in helping their customers pick from their numerous destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico.

For that they have created for each destination amazing video tools, to help the future travelers discover a little bit about the different islands, cities, places.

They have hired experts called the "Sunbassadors" that will advice travellers on where to go depending on their interest (Culinary, golf, family fun, adventure, meeting, wedding etc...)

Lately they went one step forward and managed to create their first infographic. A Caribbean and Mexican infographic dedicated to gather data about the hotels and destinations and compile them in a visually attracting document.

Do you like the infographic? What about the Sunbassadors, would you ask them for advice?

It's nice to see some great initiative from a company to interact with travellers and be able to live with its time, experimenting strategies and making attempt to connect and relate more! Nice Job!


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