Aperitivo Overlooking Florence

If in Florence this summer, make sure to participate in one of the Aperitifs on the Terraces!

Several hotels and villas are participating in offering a lovely evening with the most marvelous views of Florence along with artfully prepared drinks and superb antipastini.

We chose to go to The Grand Hotel Baglioni, in dell'Unita, not far from the church of Santa Maria Novella and the central train station. On the 5th floor of this elegant hotel, they offer a selection of antipasti and an aperitif served on any of the multi-level terraces overlooking the city.

The views are breathtakingly beautiful, 360 degrees of gentle hills, illuminated towers, Palazzo Vecchio. the Duomo, the tower of Giotto, Palazzo Pitti...just stunning. Watch the sunset, sip your "Cardinale" (the bartender recommended this ultimate Italian aperitivo based on Campari, gin and Martini & Rossi dry), watch the sunset as the colors go from cerulean blue, to lilac, to purple, and then just the illuminated city as a backdrop.  The live music in the background makes it so dolce-vita!  Enjoy! 

Sandra Cemulini

Sandra Cemulini is a travel and gift consultant specializing in Tuscany and Northern Italy. She creates exclusive vacation experiences in Tuscany and Northern Italy as well as bringing clients to the source of luxury goods and masterfully made artisan products in Italy. She writes articles relevant to her travels, food and wine, and extraordinary artisan handcrafted products....(Read More)

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