Best Wedding Day Makeup Tips

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Last night I was thinking about wedding day makeup tips and the following awesome tips came into my mind. I hope you would like these tips especially women.

Color of your skin

The most important is your skin tone because it does not matter whether your eyes are big and what is the shape of your lips. If you have oily and a skinmarked with irregularly shaped spots or blots like blotchy skin then you should not expect to look best on your wedding day. You must give first preference to your skin then move towards your cheeks and finally towards eyes.

Pick Your Eyes or Your Mouth

The basic and simple rule of doing makeup is to play with your eyes on your face. If you are playing with both then that will be your biggest mistake and you will be look like such a clown. Therefore if you have deseeded to apply eye makeup then always use a light color lipstick such as pink or beach color. For more visit here This will make your eyes more prominent. On the other hand are you want to make your lips prominent then use lipstick of bright color carefully but make your eye makeup light.

This is the Day to Whip out the Eyelash Curler

If you are came in the list of those girls and women who have beautiful long eyelashes then many people will regularly ask you what are you using? The good news is that you can get benefit from eyelashes curler. Your eyes will be “pop” by curling lashes. My advice is to give heat to you lashes with the help of blow-dryer for at least three (3) seconds. Then curl your lashes. Please be sure to check your curler on your wrist before using it on your eyelashes. This tip is for safety so that hot curler will not damage your eyes. I have seen many women who have very short eyelashes go towards the wrong way of lashes. My advice is for them to take the advice of any professional before doing this. There are my many friends who apply their eyelashes perfectly themselves.

Two Words: Waterproof Mascara.

There are only 5 percent women in this world who tear up on their wedding at some point. If you are one of those then you should use water proof mascara. If you did not use this and tear up at wedding day then your makeup will make you horrible. Also take some tissues with you for this. If your skin color is light and beautiful then avoid you use black mascara and you should prefer brown shade of mascara. These tips are now in latest fasion trends and everyone should try this.

Pakistani Models


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