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About Bespoke Travel in Thailand

Visitors to Thailand will discover a country in transition from a nation of developing status, to one of international standing in many areas. This is what makes Thailand such a great place to visit. Thailand has a rich cultural background, incredible diversity and a climate suitable for travel almost year round. In fact Bangkok is rapidly becoming a centre for business within South East Asia, due to its geographic location, but also due to the fact that Thailand has a stable political system and a strong economy.

To complement Thailand’s cultural and geographical attributes, is an increasingly modern and already efficient infrastructure. The system of highways, lesser roads and railways is fantastic and as good as any country. Domestic flights in Thailand are all quite short so flying between centres or even around the region, is definitely an option.

Thailand is the perfect destination, whether it is purely for leisure, business or as an incentive destination. Visitors to Thailand will discover a friendly, refreshing, safe and beautiful country.

Land of Smiles

If you ask any person who has visited Thailand, what it is that they loved about the country? Many people would say it is the friendly people who make for such a good experience. Thai people are known for their friendly smiles, natural grace and kindness which is probably why so many people return to Thailand for their holidays time after time.

About Boutique Travel in Myanmar

From the very moment you step foot on the ground in Myanmar you are in for a truly unique experience. Now more so than ever people from around the world are beginning to see Myanmar for what it is - a truly fascinating and unique destination filled with the spirituality of Buddhism beliefs and arguably some of the friendliest and most charming people on this planet.

All who have visited Myanmar rejoice their every expectation was exceeded as they experienced a land, culture and race more beautiful, warm and friendly than one could have ever hoped for.

The true feeling one gets from visiting Myanmar was immortalized in the words or Rudyard Kipling and his famous quote:

This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about.”

Rudyard Kipling, Letters from the East (1898)

Being cut off from the rest of the world for so many decades, Myanmar has achieved a unique preservation of culture bounded by a rich, unspoilt landscape. Abundant in natural resources, the landscape of Myanmar ranks amongst the most breathtaking sights anywhere in the world. Each of the destinations within Myanmar; whether it be Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay or Inle Lake have striking features differentiating Myanmar from any other destination within South East Asia.

Myanmar is referred to Amarapura, the Land of Immortality, and Yadanarbon, the Land of the Gems. Today it is known as Suvanabhomi, the Golden Land. Once you have experienced the rich heritage and natural resources of this country, you will see just why these titles are such a true reflection of the land. Do not travel until check out:


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