Buenos Aires Neighbourhood Guide: The Five Best Barrios To Stay In

Buenos Aires is a city like no other, seamlessly blending Latin American and European cultures together to create a vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

Buenos Aires is massive and there are many options to consider when planning your trip – one of which is: where are the best places to stay? Part of Buenos Aires’s charm is its barrios (neighbourhoods), all having a distinct feel to them and each offering something different.


While there are 48 barrios, these are the five most popular for those who travel to Buenos Aires:


Although not technically recognised as an official barrio, microcentro is still an important area of the city. It’s the hub and business-oriented region of Buenos Aires – home to the financial district, many hotels and restaurants, several museums and a lot of the 19th century European buildings that give Buenos Aires such a unique feel. Shopping is also popular in this part of town, with the lively pedestrian street Av Florida and one of the best shopping malls in the city, Galerías Pacífico.

Although abuzz with life during the day, microcentro doesn’t offer much in the way of a night scene and is typically fairly empty when the business day is over. Depending on your priorities (business, authenticity, etc.) and length of stay, it could be better to stay elsewhere and spend a day or so visiting the sights here.


The exclusive barrio of Recoleta is a popular place for travellers to stay, sometimes known as ‘Little Paris’ with its French-inspired architecture, ritzy art deco residences and beautiful parks. This cultured barrio is home to many exclusive boutiques, fashionable hotels, first class cafés and restaurants, and is close to art galleries and museums – all giving this barrio a distinctive and fashionable vibe.

Recoleta is well located near downtown, with convenient access to popular tourist sights, also being home to the famous cemetery. With plenty of great accommodation options available, the only downside to staying here is that there are cheaper options.


Palermo is one of most popular places for travellers to stay; divided into several contrasting areas, Palermo offers something for everyone. Vibrant and arty Palmero Viejo is split into Palermo Soho, with its hip, young and modern vibe, and Palermo Hollywood with its lively nightlife and numerous restaurants, while upmarket Palermo Chico is filled with elegant mansions and beautiful tree-lined streets.

Although a little farther from the centre, Palermo seems to have it all – fashionable, modern and trendy, with stylish boutique restaurants and cafés, great shopping, vibrant nightlife and good accommodation options - from budget, to expensive and classy.

Even if you choose not to stay here, it’s definitely well worth spending time exploring the area.

Puerto Madero

This recently restored port is filled with luxury high-rise and apartment buildings, brand-name shops, ritzy restaurants and upmarket clubs. A highlight of this area is the nearby Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur, a large green park with many plants and birds, great for relaxing, bike riding and people watching.

Although having a mix of prices, this waterfront barrio is typically aimed at the higher end. If it’s glitz and luxury you’re after, this barrio might be for you, however, although being one of the cleanest and safest barrios in Buenos Aires, the area seems to lack some of the fantastic Latin American feel and culture that makes Buenos Aires so special.

San Telmo

This southern barrio of Buenos Aires has a style of its own, with narrow cobblestone streets, colonial buildings and a bohemian vibe. San Telmo is popular with travellers and its relaxed attitude is different from other parts of the city – the eclectic mix of old and new attracting many locals and tourists.

Filled with classic bars, quirky antique shops, great restaurants, and independent boutiques, San Telmo has something for everyone. On weekends the narrow streets often fill with artists and tango dancers.

Though not as chic as Palermo or Recoleta, the location, laidback vibe, fantastic mix of classy and classic, and the budget-friendly nature of San Telmo make it a popular.

If you don’t stay here, definitely visit on a Sunday for the famous antiques fair in Plaza Dorrego.

Although these barrios are relatively close to each other, they all offer something different and unique in terms of accommodation, restaurants, and entertainment.

While these are the main areas to consider, there are many others to choose from if these aren’t quite what you’re looking for.



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