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Luxury Villa in Cannes

Cannes is known internationally for its annual film festival. It is located in the centre of the French Riviera and is quite close to Antibes, a popular destination for yacht owners. Cannes Villas are a popular choice among international buyers, although the prizes are quite steep. Cannes was originally a fishing village, which has transformed into a European social hub.

Things to do in Cannes  

Vieux Portis a must visit destination in the region. It hosts a daily market, which is only closed on Mondays. Cannes in general has a multitude of markets that run every day except Monday. Although the markets are closed, food stalls function all week long. The markets are frequented by locals as well as people holidaying in the area. They are ideal for picking up homemade and organic products.

St. Honorat and St. Marguerite are two tiny islands located within close vicinity of the city. Both these islands are easily accessible by boat. The former is covered by forests, while the latter is more developed and populated. The famous book ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ is based on a person held at a fort on St. Marguerite. The island has a few popular beaches as well.

Swimming is a popular activity in Cannes. Among all other cities in France, Cannes is one of the cities that boast of the highest numbers of swimming pools. Apart from pools, the city has numerous casinos and thriving nightlife with many popular pubs and night clubs. Most of these are open all night. The weather in Cannes is Mediterranean, with a lot of sun. Summer days are hot and the nights are cool.

More about Cannes

The film festival held in May every year floods this city with celebrities and stars related to the film industry. Unlike other festivals, this film festival is not open to the public and can be attended by invite only. Cannes villas that are unoccupied during this time can be easily given up for rent as the city is filled with people from all over the world. The city is easily accessible by train and bus, although people often choose to drive down from cities close by such as Monaco and Antibes. The riverfront has some popular restaurants, but these tend to be over-priced for those on a budget holiday.

The real estate prices in Cannes have been rising. Cannes villas are attracting young crowds and many older investors alike. Villas located on the beach are the most expensive. Cannes properties located in the interior areas are more reasonably priced. For instance, affordable property can also be found near Golfe Juan and La Bocca. The rising demand for property is causing an increase in the prices of properties located in the interior areas as well.


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