Cool San Diego Bars that aren't in Downtown

Okay, so San Diego’s downtown bars and clubs are that of legend and consistently draw large crowds and some of the best DJs and musicians around, but every once in a while I need a change of pace. With this in mind, there are a lot of bars in the greater San Diego area that provide an amazing night out and don’t require the hassle of dealing with Friday and Saturday night traffic that plagues the city.


One of my absolute favorite places to go for a few cocktails is The Casbah, located in the Middletown area, where music is the draw and the cocktails keep you there having the time of your life. Likewise, there is a dive bar in Chula Vista called Manhattan’s that provides some of the funniest karaoke you will ever experience however, this bar is definitely geared to an older and gruff crowd.


Nevertheless, the best areas in San Diego for bars, dancing and just a general good time are Hillcrest and North Park. With bars that fit all types of categories, plus some seriously delicious late-night dining spots, even people that don’t know the area will still have a blast.

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