Creating an Affordable Living Room

It’s more than easy to spend thousands on creating and setting up the perfect living room. There’s the television, air conditioner, lounges and other items that are required to set up the perfect chill out space. But how do you create the ideal living room without spending a fortune? We’ve got some great tips you simply don’t want to miss:

Make a list of what you need

So there are a few essentials that you need for your living room. Things like a television, lounges and coffee table are a good start. But if you have a larger space to work with, you may want to get a sofa bed as well for when people stay over, a bookshelf, and perhaps even an ottoman. If it’s too hot to enjoy your summer evenings indoors, you may want to invest in an air conditioner.

Look for package deals

Furniture package deals are fantastic. They allow you to set up an entire space on even the most limited of budgets. Shop around and go online to search for the best deals. Visit different stores and see the furniture set up so you can get a feel for how it will look in your living room.

Splurge on some of the items

While you can save big on furniture with package deals, there are some areas where you want to shop around for the best price, but it’s worth making a proper investment. Two items that require a good portion of your budget will be your television, and your air conditioner if you decide you need one.

While a cheap second hand air conditioner may be only a fraction of the cost of a kelvinator air conditioner, it’s more than likely to have problems, it won’t come with a warranty, and it won’t last as long as a quality air conditioning system will. The same with your television - if you enjoy spending nights watching movies, then getting a good television really is a must.

The added finishing touché

Ever wondered why your living room set up doesn’t look as polished as it did when set up in the store? It’s all about those little extra finishing touches, which are easy to obtain with just a little creativity. Firstly, add a splash of colour to your side table by purchasing a luscious green indoor fern and putting it in a brightly coloured ceramic pot.

Need something for the walls? Buy a set of three frames from a discount store and put family photos in or your child’s artworks in them. Every coffee table needs a good book, so head down to the local thrift store and pick up something big to feature on the table. And there you have it! The finishing touches added at under $100 in total!

Once you have everything in place make sure that you update your home and contents insurance policy, always an important step when you’ve bought some new appliances and other items to spruce things up. The next step, enjoy your new living space! 


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