Darlie Laundromatic

Constructed out of an old Laundromat, this fun location is aptly named as much of the original décor is used on both the exterior and interior of this extremely unique Sydney nightlife location. Even some of the old fixtures and signs from the Laundromat have been left in place, making the Laundromat feel of Darlie Laundromatic just that much more prevalent, and giving this cool spot just that much more individualistic charm that seems to be forgotten from many of the cookie cutter bars, lounges and restaurants that can be found across the world.


With a great selection of drinks and some up-and-coming in popularity mini hotdogs, Darlie Laundromatic is a likewise burgeoning lounge and eater that is well deserving of a visit for anyone looking to be in the Sydney area. However, before heading there, make sure to take note of what Darlie Laundromatic actually looks like as the façade truly is misleading and really does look like any other Laundromat.

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